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Fruit smoothies


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Still synned. As soon as fruit is blended, pureed or cooked it has a syn value.
Fruit must be fresh or frozen to be free.


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I thought so. Don't worry it's not for me. I have a friend who's trying to lose weight and he thinks he's following all the rules and said he's loving all the smoothies that he's making and I was sure that they were syn'd.

Thanks peeps.
LOL^ agreed. .

don't get me wrong, i love sw .. but its times like this that i just think the world is crazy when a pureed piece of fruit is as bad as eating a twister ice-cream :eek:
I dont understand synning fruit when its mashed or what ever, surely you mash it in your mouth when you eat it anyway, so how can it be free? You see what I mean? lol


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There may be other reasons, but certainly one of them is that you're more likely to overeat fruit if you have smoothies. Fruit is high in sugars, albeit natural ones, and that means calories, so if you eat tons of them, as you would in a smoothie, you might just find it affects your weight loss.


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It's because you don't need to use any energy breaking it down and the natural fruit sugar can be absorbed very easily, liquid is digested much more quickly and doesn't fill you up as much.

If you take it as simply as this; you use more energy chewing than you do drinking!


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You can have soooo many other things for free on SW so don't lets get too hung up on it's little rules. They are there for a reason and the powers that be must have developed them for a reason (or several).

Just chop up your fruit and pour yog over it, your stomach and weight losses will thank you for it!!!

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