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Hi everyone i started my fruit and veg diet on monday and seem to be doing well with it so far (fingers crossed).
But i was just wondering if theres such a thing as two much fruit coz obviously fruit has calories to, or is there a certain fruit i should avoid having everyday and just have it every few days.
Please help thanx
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I'm no expert, and someone else will probably have better advice for you. But one of my colleagues is training to be a nutritionist and he told that me that too much fruit can be a problem. Fruit do have a lot of sugars in them, it's natural but it still counts. Banana's have a lot of complex carbs in them and can be quite starchy, I would say that's the one you want to have only every now and again.

It all comes down to moderation, eating an apple and tangerine a day would be fine, but eating four apples, two oranges, three bananas etc. would still account for a lot of sugars and calories. It's still going to be better than stocking up on cakes and sweets as it has some nutritional value but you might not see the results you want.

Also, make sure you're getting enough protein. Veggies and fruits don't tend to contain a lot of protein and that is essential for a good diet, especially if you want to feel full longer and build muscle and burn fat. Good luck!
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Totally agree with Rori here :clap: Blimey...could have written the same myself word for word :eek:

Everything in moderation. Keep up the protein etc etc.


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they say you should have 5 fruit and veg a day, you need a variety of different things to eat, you should have 3 meals a day and have fruit as snacks, I used to sometimes just have fruit for lunch and sometimes breakfast and that didnt make much of a difference with the scales, I am still losing weight just by eating sensibly.


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too much of anything is a bad thing =D


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I think it's possible to transfer your binging tendencies from one food to another, if you know what I mean. So the underlying problem (feeling the need to fill up an emptiness with rather crazy amounts of food) remains. But I think it's easy to get a little fascist about what you can't eat - let's face it, fruits are the good guys, basically. Maybe not quite as saintly as most vegetables, but very few people ever got hugely fat on fruit, did they? If it keeps you away from the siren call of the Yorkie bar, I say: munch on!

On a typical day I get through 300g strawberries, 150g blackberries or blueberries, an apple, couple of satsumas, and a pear or peach. All in all, about 350 calories of fruit. Truth be told, I tend to avoid bananas as I find them a little too sweet unless rather green. And too easy to get hooked on!

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