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I have been reading recently about fruit and how too much is actually bad for you. ( I don't know seems you can't eat anything today without being critisized). It is due to high fructose content and how it all tuen into sugar once digested. I also heard that berries are the best fruits to eat, and pineapple and grapes bein the worst. How much does everyone eat? x
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To be honest, if you are counting the calories of the fruit in your diet, and eating 3 reasonable meals (ie not replacing meals with fruit) then you really can't go wrong.

With IBS you do have to watch quantities of fruit as it can in some cases irritate your bowels (fruit skin in particular). You also shouldn't eat more than 1 or 2 bananas a day as they are relatively high in potassium.

I personally try not to eat fruit on an empty stomach as it tends to annoy my tum.
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They were my downfall. Ive had to totally cut down on them. I used to eat fruit execessively though... I could easily have 15 portions in a day, eassssssssily, but I think all the fructose, altohugh not refined, wasn't helping me lose weight.

There's an article here which obviously pushes the point exessively but it shows you how much sugar there is in each fruit:

Eating too much fruit can make you fat | Mail Online

I now have fruit in a say a smoothie for lunch then maybe one or two other pieces a day, probably max 5. I don't really count, just know I can't snack on it the way I used to.
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I barely eat fruit, prefer savoury foods usually, I do like canned pineapple in juice (btw pineapple - though only fresh I suspect - has an enzyme called bromelain which may be an anti-inflammatory, and among more alternative-health type sites is sometimes suggested as part of an anti-cancer diet) and frozen blueberries sometimes, but I tend to eat a ton of veg instead.

Fruit in general will be the kind of thing I add when I get to maintence, for taste alone, eg a banana a day or in winter I like canned prunes in Ready Brek, with a pinch each of cinnamon and powdered ginger, and half a banana sliced in... <drools on keyboard!> :D

I'm not into the whole "paleo diet" thing but on the other hand I'm pretty sure our ancestors didn't have exotic fruit 12 months of the year on demand, so I doubt it's totally essential to health to suddenly do that, especially swilling large amounts of denatured citrus juices, which are adjusted with chemical additives (extracted from fruit, hence no need to put them on the label) to make every glass of Tropicana or store's own juice taste EXACTLY like every other one... :rolleyes:

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