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I have maintained this week and am just fed up of this slow loss today was my 6th weigh in so 7th week on plan and have only managed a 5 1/2lbs loss in all those weeks - I am very depressed and i cannot understand why i am not loosing.

On green as veggie however another person said she follows extra easy but dosen't eat meat or fish - as far as I can see this is the same as green but with only 1 HEXA & B instead of 2 HEXB's and 1 or 2 HEXA's, so i might give this a go?

My consultant has advised me to do a couple of things, drink more water, increase exercise, use scan bran, keep syns to 5 a day etc but i truly am already doing them! HELP......
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Hey hun,

I can't offer much advice- but just wanted to say I know how you feel- i have lost 8.5 pounds in 9 weeks. Its really slow weight loss and although I am pleased its coming off I really wish It would hurry up!!

I can't afford a class- so this week I have made a point of trying to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day and next week I am going to do a fishy week ( well fish some days, and vegetarian other days).

If you find any reasons out let me know please! lol until then we can be in the same boat together. Try not to get down about it though hun, weight coming off if better than not coming off at all- also slow weight loss is likely to stay off too :)


Claire x


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thank you - shipmate!! will keep sailing........and will keep you posted about any top tips i might get!
It's very frustrating when it's slow but hang in there - it WILL happen. Our group suggested drinking lemon in hot water in the morning (and as much as you can during the day) and there were some bigger losses. Scan bran is def a good one, and I swear by fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. If you can eat fish, the fishy thread on here has shown some massive losses, and at the minute our group is doing a superfree challenge (10 portions of superfree per day) and I weigh in on Thursday so will let you know how it goes....
You're doing great and unfortunately it is likely to be slower because you're close to target it seems from your profile? Maybe go on how your clothes feel as well?
Sorry for the waffle, I'm watching nominations whilst typing lol.
Have a great evening x
yes that's frustrating, but at least you're 5.5 pounds lighter!

keep doing that and maybe have even more veggie and fruit instead of other free food? good luck
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