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  1. wants2bnormal

    wants2bnormal 6 stone to lose!

    Cambridge Diet
    It is possibly wrong of me, but i am sitting here reading and lookin at pictures for inspiration for when i do FINALLY get on CD.. and i am getting frustrated with myself:
    1. I dont drive I can't get to a CDC easily
    2. I am still waiting to hear back from the CDC in dundee, whom i could easily get to
    3. I am sitting here and have been for the past week saying oooh by may i could be the size i want (6 stone to lose)
    4. I am even planning what shakes and bars to get
    5. Booking a holiday once i get started on CD for August and thinking i could be wearing a BIKINI OMG ME IN A BIKINI!

    Its really annoying me for the fact I can't go and do all these things and I really really reallly want to succeed and get on with it :sigh: I know i seem to be going on about this whole situation but seeing everyone succeed and doing so well (and you really are girls and boys) is just like EUGH when is it my turn to be happy and when is it my turn to post and say ive actually lost some of this horried flabby stuff thats stuck on me...

    I know i am possibly totally blabbering on here but im just soo frustrated!!! my goal is to be started before the end of november so i can hopefully lose this 6 stone by May!!

    grrr im totally pulling my hair out over the whole situation!!

    Sorry folks i know i know im being a moan but nobody seems to listen or understand in my family so this is the only place i can come and let off steam!!

    Thanks for listening jodie xxxx:break_diet:
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  3. Serena A

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    Sorry you're feeling frustrated...well you know what they say all good things come to those who wait - and CD is pretty good! Hope you get sorted soon.
  4. kerry_berry

    kerry_berry Full Member

    poor you jodie!!! I felt the same when i was waiting to see my CDC and it only took a week! I know people have said that there are things you can do to make it better when you do start but that doesn't make it any easier now right?! Have you thought about lipotrim? At least you wouldn't have to wait for a counsellor and could go and get it from the pharmacy.
    It will be worth the wait and just enjoy feeling healthy cause the first few days haven't been easy at all! I know you want to experience it too and get on your journey full steam ahead. Will have a chat with the angels at bedtime and see if they can sort you out!!! x
  5. wants2bnormal

    wants2bnormal 6 stone to lose!

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Kerry thank you for that comment,,, sorry to sound daft but what is lipotrim and waht does it entail?! xx
  6. kerry_berry

    kerry_berry Full Member

    Lipotrim is the same as CD except there aren't as many flavours. I only chose CD because you get a counsellor 'free' (although all mine is going to do is give me the food!). There is a link on here in the food replacement diets thread. I was going to do lipotrim cause you don't have to wait, you just go to the pharmacy, they weigh you and monitor you whilst giving out the weekly food to you. It's shakes as well, not sure if they do soups. Their homepage lists the various pharmacies you can go to that stock it. Rainbow bright on the lipotrim pages is really helpful x
  7. wants2bnormal

    wants2bnormal 6 stone to lose!

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi hun went onto the lipotrim homepage, but the closes pharmacy near me is in edinburgh which is about 2 hours away :( and on buses and trains, i think i am just going to have to grit my teeth and see if i can get hold of the CDC in dundee!!! i have a thread on here asking if there are girls in dundee and there are so waiting to hear back about that!! oh dear lol think this is more of a struggle to get on the bloomin diet than doing it self!! jings!
  8. kerry_berry

    kerry_berry Full Member

    At least you're determined!! ;)
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