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Not sure if anyone can identify with this but I am feeling really frustrated this morning! Why? Because despite losing 19lbs, nothing fits me!! All my original clothes are too big ( I can take my jeans down without undoing them) but the next size down is too small. So I'm stuck in clothes that feel like baggy sacks and don't look at all flattering and whenever I try on something new to cheer myself up I leave feeling really fat and cheesed off.:cry: I feel as though the huge sacrifices I'm making on this diet aren't actually paying off. I know they are because of the weight loss but I actually feel worse about the way I look than I did before I started. I'm probably expecting too much, but it's just sooooo frustrating! Anyway, sorry for the rant, I feel better for that!:)
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Yeah i've gone through the same thing but biggest clothes were a 24 and now in a 16/18 so it is hard, i just brought realy nice belts that pull you in at the waist or one to wear on the hip, thee isnt much point in buying new stuff since you'll be doing it again in another months time,you could take your clothes in a bit to give you a bit more confidence.

Thanks for the advice. Good idea about the belts. Will try that but not sure I have the skills to take my clothes in!!
I'm in the same place sazzle having lost 20lbs :(

We'll soon be in that next size down so keep going and soon we'll be in the next size down, and then the next.....:)

Annie x
Just enjoy the feeling that clothes are actually loose on you! My work tunic & trousers are really loose on me now & I love the feeling of how much extra room there is when I'm putting them on.

I'm in a similar position to you clothes wise my "slobby" trousers are now too long on me as I haven't got the same amount of bum & tum filling them out, but I don't care. I'm still wearing my usual clothes and feeling frumpy, but I know that in a couple of months I'm going to drag all those clothes out of the back of the wardrobe and go out and buy some fashionable stuff. I've always felt that people criticised how I looked because of my size, so what difference does it make if they're doing it now because I'm frumpy?

It's kind of like turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly, I'm in my chrysalis pupating at the moment & soon I'm going to emerge as a stunning butterfly.
What an inspiration! I like thinking of it like that! I too am a pupating butterfly! That's fab! Instead of feeling fed up I should be pleased that I'm on the way to being slimmer and looking good! After all these months/years feeling rubbish about the way I look, what's a few more weeks! Thanks everyone, I feel loads better.xxx


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Hey hon,

Please don't worry. Sometimes you loose fat/weight at your arms etc. instead of your waist (which I had trouble with, too.) which will lead to you not fitting in a smaller size. It will come though!!! Some places are harder to loose weight from and will take a bit longer but that doesn't mean it won't happen!!

Don't give up.

Aw thanks for the comment, that's so true. My CDC measured me last week ( week 4) and I had lost a couple of inches off my waist and hips. Unfortunately, the biggest inch loss was my chest!! (goodbye boobs!!). I know that as long as I stick with it though, it has to come off the harder places eventually. Thanks again for the encouragement, it means a lot.xx
It might just be another few lbs before you are in the next size. Stick with it and when you finally are the next size down and people can see your new figure and comment of your weight loss, just think how good you will feel then.
Take care.


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I sometimes feel the same, but the weight does come off everywhere. I can now wear my ancle boots & they are comfy.Also i had my mil wedding ring on my finger & its been stuck for over six months it came off last week.It wont be long before you are in the next size down.
it frustrates me more buying the next size down clothes and within 2 weeks they are hanging off your bum again. you should feel very proud of yourself for being to slim for your old clothes and when you try on clothes that are too small for you instead of feeling cheesed off use that outift as a target, go back within a couple of weeks try it on again and you will see just how much your weight loss is paying off

Why don't you have a look in the charity shops? Cheap clothes that you will only wear for a couple of weeks and then you can send them back where they came from! It's a great boost to buy a smaller size and it won't cost that much.

Red Mich

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And there's always ebay....
I keep selling all my 'fat' clothes, and now I've started buying some bits for this in-between time.
You can always sell them on again after!
Why no try some pretty bo ho tops, nice and floaty. I got a few in really bright colours (Asda & Tescos) to cheer myself up.
Then jazz up with some loud junk jewellery, again Asda and Tesco`s.

I think most of us are in the same boat, but its nice to wear something new, that doesn`t cost the earth !!
Thanks eveyone! Note sure I'd have got through the past 5 weeks without this site! Weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed. Hopefully will be next size down very soon.xx
One word - PRIMARK!

Im living in dresses on this diet, most floaty numbers last you through a good few dress sizes. I know the feeling of being in between though. My size 12 jeans are too baggy but the size 10s give me a bad muffin top! So Im sat here in my size 10 jeans... with magic knickers on! Im hoping if I wear them enough they will adjust to my shake a bit better and become looser like most clothes do.
You should feel lucky not being able to fit into your clothes!!! I've lost 17lbs and really hoped I'd be falling out of my clothes by now but not so. Problem was, I put on over a stone I think in a couple of months just before I started, so my clothes had started getting tight and I couldn't wear all of them. At least now I can wear more of my old clothes lol! Just frustrating because I want to be a size 10 ... NOW!

I've got a stash of clothes that haven't fit me for a while to get into short term.. but I'm hoping to have a brand new wardrobe of fashionable threads in a matter of months!

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