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Fuffs Food Fiesta


This is really the time!

I think this food diary is a good idea!

Going public will give me more chance of sticking to plan :)

My food so far:

Today: Original
Breakfast: 2 weetabix, semi skimmed milk.

Lunch: Three roast chicken thighs skinned (was on the go)

Dinner: Grilled skinless chicken thighs, onion, peppers, mushrooms.

Snacks: Grapes, more skinned chicken :):eek: lol

Drinks: Decaf Coffee, diet fizzy pop, water.

Healthy A: 250 ml semi skimmed milk
Healthy B: weetabix

I would like to have got more green free foods (I mean as in veg, not green day food lol) in today. Just have been in a big rush. Will do better over the weekend I hope :)
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What was your other HeB Huni?
You had weetabix and milk as HeA and HeB, but you should have 2 HeB's in order for the plan to work.


This is really the time!
Hi Mrs V

I had a 28g bowl of oats later, with scan bran :)

Friday: Original

Breakfast: 2 weetabix

Lunch: Can you guess??? lol - Roast Chicken, skin removed, Mixed salad.

Dinner: went to a buffet restuarant in Coventry. Was a great price and a great selection of things. I had roast chicken (lol!!!!), Grilled pork loins, salad, fish, peppers and onion skewers, Beef. Was yummy.

Snaks: Virtually fat free Natural yoghurt - mixed with Bannana and Custard Mullerlight, apple, Tangerine.

Syns: Medium (I hope I am right in my head, shared it with my son too, so feel better lol) Choc fudge cake slice - put it at 15 syns.

Healthy Extras:
A: 250ml semi skimmed milk
B: weetabix, 2 small wholemeal breads

Was a good eating day. I think I shall have a green day today. I am going out tonight, so the carbs should stand me in good stead. My plan for drinking is a spirit mixed with diet coke in between diet cokes :)


This is really the time!
I have not written in my food diary on here for a bit. I have continued filling in my paper diary. I have been sticking to plan. Will get back to writing it on here too from tomorrow :)


This is really the time!


2 x weetabix

Lunch: (was shopping all day)...So prepared roast chicken, skin removed and ate it on the go.

Dinner: Made a curry using no oil other than fry light type stuff. Was gorgeous. Thank God for chopped tomatoes lol.

Snacks: various fruits, low fat yoghurt

Syns: 56g of boiled rice (4)


This is really the time!
Red Day

I really want to boost my weightloss. So, I have to commit to filling in this diary daily. I do still fill in one in my notebook. But, on here I can get feedback and name and shame myself for anything bad I eat!lol


Breakfast: 2 weetabix (hex B) Milk (hex A)

Snack: Shape feel fuller for longer and grapes.

To be continued as my day progresses :)


This is really the time!
Extra Easy

I have decided to finally try extra easy. Please feel free to comment if anyone see's anywhere I am going wrong this week. I am a red/green slimming world veteran, so a little confuzzled, but gonna give it a try.

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (hex B) Milk (hex A)

Snack: Shape feel fuller for longer and grapes.

Lunch: Grilled chicken, stir fry veg, homemade egg fried rice.

Snack: plum, cherry mullerlight.

Dinner: Grilled skinless chicken thighs, batchelors savoury rice, syn free veg curry (mixed beans, onion, peppers, brocolli and very low fat natural yoghurt)
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This is really the time!
Extra Easy - I was out shopping most of today.

Breakfast: Shape feel fuller for longer and a banana

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Roast chicken, skin removed.

Snack: Vanilla mullerlight and a banana

Dinner: Going to have grilled pork, my veg curry from yesterday, mini baked potatoes and salad.

Healthy Extras:28g hot oats/scan bran and 250ml semi skimmed milk.

Syns: options in my HEX b 2 syns

I did not have a great lunch. Took stuff out with me. But was not able to do a 1/3 this and that. I am going to plan better other days.

Extra Easy does make eating more exciting. I hope I lose on it :)
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This is really the time!
Breakfast: Grilled bacon, beans, poached eggs, grilled tomato and mushrooms.





I will fill in what I eat later on.


This is really the time!
I have been away for two weeks (basically), due to laptop troubles. Popped on once on my moms pc.

So, back to writing my food diary.



Breakfast: Strawberries, 28 g porridge oats hexb, milk hexa

Lunch: Jacket potato and beans.

Snack: apple, strawberries.

Dinner: Syn free Curry: Onion, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, corriander, spinach. Pasta and sweet potato.

Night time munchy: 28 g oats, egg in it and a highlights sachet (2 syns) mixed in (actually scrummy lol)

Syns: 2 x cookies = 7, 2 x highlights = 4
Total: 11 syns

My curry was packed with superfree foods (other than sweetcorn)...But I should have eaten more fruit today.


This is really the time!


Breakfast: Banana and mullerlight

Lunch: Roast chicken, onions and peppers

Snack: Grapes and apple. Piece of dry wholmeal bread (hex b)

Dinner: Bacon, onions, mushrooms, spinach stir fried in soy sauce with my bubble & squeak - carrots, sprouts, spinach, brocolli. Laughing Cow light triangles (hex a) Sounds mad, but it is nice lol

Late night snack: 28 porridge oats (hex b) milk (hex a)

syns: 4 choc fingers = 6 syns
Reduced fat digestive = 4 syns
med wholemeal bread = 4 syns

I have 28 syns left for this week.


Green Day

Breakfast: 28g porridge oats (hex b) milk (hex a) options mixed in 2 syns.

Lunch: bowl of spaghetti hoops.

Snack: apple

Dinner: Heinz Mexican Baked Beans, mini jacket potatoes, mushrooms, onion and other half of bubble & squeak from yesterday (another strange combo, but very nice lol)

Snack: 28g Hot oats (hex b) milk in it (hex a) with sliced banana

Syns: Total of 2 syns used today on options.

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This is really the time!
ok, so after a hiccup of a week, I am back to being on plan and behaving!!lol



Breakfast: Lemon Hi-Fi bar (1 hexb), apple

Lunch: Roast chicken - skin removed followed by strawberries :)

Snack: Onions, mushrooms, carrots, curly kale stir fried in soy sauce.

Dinner: Roast chicken, lettuce, grated carrot, betroot, cherry tomatoes, radishes

Milk for coffee: 350 ml skimmed milk

I will add more if I eat anything more!


This is really the time!
Thank you Weemo :) You are a big help. Always very supportive. It means a lot (((Hugs)))

Ok, was not able to write my diary yesterday, as I left my laptop at my partners house when we came back to Brum.

So, Thursday:


Second day of taking part in the speed food challenge.

Breakfast: 28g Porrige oats

snack: strawberries

Lunch: Chicken, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber

Snack: mullerlight

Dinner: Tuna with egg, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion, spinach, mushrooms

Snack: Sardines curry (was yum lol)...tomatoes, onion, spinach, peppers, mushrooms

+ another 28 g porridge oats lol

I have also switched from semi skimmed to skimmed milk now. I want more for my hex a lol

Today is a Green day hmmm was green but turned to Original:

So far I have had:

Breakfast: 28g Porridge oats (hex a and hex b)

Lunch: A whole chicken skinned (I know, I know, but it's a speed food and I was hungry lol...I used to eat whole chickens on SW in 2001 and lost weight fast lol), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion.

Snack: apple

Dinner: Grilled pork loins, stir fried loads of mushrooms, onions, peppers, cabbage, beansprouts, spinach and carrots in soy sauce mmmmmm

Snack: strawberries

28g porridge oats(hex a and hex b)

I know. I am starting to look like a porridge/hot oats addict. I find them filling though lol...Love them with options in. But having to not spend syns this 2nd half of the week lol.

I may have a change over this weekend though, to Wake up, Shake up my old body lol
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This is really the time!
original again!! I have not had a green day this week. I have had one EE and the rest have been original. Oh well, it wont kill me lol

Breakfast: Go on guess...what do you think I had??

28 g Porridge Oats.....Yay, you were right lol hex a+b

Snack: Strawberries

Lunch: Roast chicken, lettuce, radishes, grated carrot

Snack: strawberries and quark with sweetner in it.

Dinner: Grilled sirloin steak, grilled pork chop, onion, peppers, grated carrot, spinach and tomatoes (cooked in soy sauce, jeehra powder and chilli powder) and poached egg (I know!! But it was lurrrvly lol)

Snack: Hifi Bar, strawberries and quark Hex a
Milky coffee Hex B

I have enjoyed eating this week. Most has been the same foods just cooked in various ways lol. I have just been killing the speed foods. I hope it works and I step on the scales looking like Naomi Campbell on Monday.


Or, maybe I should aim for Alison Hammond first lol


This is really the time!
Stepped on the scales....was a Nelly the Elephant type result lol


Extra Easy

Missed breakfast. Usually have an hifi at W.I. But was too upset to stay to class.

Lunch: Roast chicken

Dinner: Syn free chicken balti Madras....mmmmm...lol (contained onions and chopped tomatoes), wholegrain rice, kidney beans, cabbage and a mixed stir fry. Was beautiful.

Healthy Extras: 28g bran flakes/milk

Syns: Asda double choc muffin 23 syns!! (wasn't even very nice, but was a comfort lol)

47 syns left.

I should have eaten more of lots of stuff today. But was all a bit up in the air. Tomorrow, I am going back to week 1 and still eating lots of speed foods. 100% on plan for me!

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