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I'm so fuming I think I might just take off! Went to Coffee #1 today with the other half and discovered later on that they'd given him a fake £5 note with his change! I hate counterfeit notes! Trudged all the way back into town in the rain (yes I was that angry!) only to be told the manager wasn't in til tomorrow and I have to go back.
Legally I have to hand it in to either the bank or the police station but I still plan on tearing strips off the manager tomorrow, it's not even a very good one and they should still be checking their notes! I've worked in shops and it's simply a matter of taking a second to check. I know I can't get his £5 back, it's not as simple as Coffee #1 swapping the fake for a real one but dear God are they going to get it tomorrow!
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Not evil at all
Sorry to hear that - can imagine the frustration. Surely he is entitled to his money and the fake note is the companys problem?


Not evil at all
Unfortunately not, first problem being how does he prove he got the note there
Typical eh! No one has trust in anyone. I suppose they have good reason not to, but still, it's so unfair for us innocent people. I never even think to check my change to make sure it's real!

A good reason to check it :) I suppose you have to look at it from their point of view. If you went into a shop youd been in earlier or the day before and the staff said 'Here you gave us a fake £10' Would you believe them and happily replace it? Bottom line is whoever has it has to hand it into the bank or police and lose it, unless you spot it at the time its given to you its very hard to prove who passed it x
I know I'm not going to get the money back so I'm not going to even try to get it or I'd look like a scammer lol. I'm still going to play holy hell with them because it's their responsibility to check the notes they receive. We had a really bad couple of months one year, conterfeiters managed to get loads of fake £20 notes into circulation in Newport and everyone was practically x raying their cash lol


we had a similar problem up here a few years back, I worked behind counter in a chinese and I checked EVERY note that came in, especially in suspicious orders

"Bag of chips"
"£1 please"

and they would hand over a £20. Not unlikely but they were not regulars, and would come in parking a car outside. Just didn't sit right.

So I used to write "FAKE" across it with the pen. Damned if they were getting it back either.

You also worked out from them who was genuinely at it when they would say things like "can you no just take it anyway, you's can afford it" "No, and I have to notify the police too, with the CCTV footage"

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