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Fun Fair (Hoppings)

Hiya everyone

Well what a night i have had haha!! Andreas took me to the massive fun fair tonight in Newcastle called the hoppings. I cant believe how big it was we walked around for over an hour and still didnt see it all. There was so many fantasic rides and stalls, i so wish i was thin enough to go on one of them. Never mid next year i will be.

Andreas won me a HUGE teddy bear... the ones that the stalls rig so you cant win haha i bet the man on the stall was well annoyed when she seen he had one haha! I picked my teddy and was very proud of him. Everyone kept coming up to me and asking where i'd won it :D :D

The problem was the hot fresh dounts, and all the burger vans and the smell of sweet candy floss and pop corn kebabas and chips i was in the worst place ever. All my fav food i think i said a few times to Andreas i wanna just eat some chips but he didnt let me and i didnt want to really haha. So i was very good and got through it, i'm back home now and i feel amazing for not having anything! :D It really wouldnt have been worth it, i got a huge teddy how much more do i need eh haha!

Anyway just thought i'd fill you all in on my night :D

xxxxxx <3
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Well done for resisting :D Xx

I find it actually helps me to sniff the food, But I`m a bit of a weirdo :p lol

Yay for the teddy! Xxxxxx
aww the teddy is a memory you can keep for all of the right reasons rather than a couple of pounds in wieght. Good on you girl, and I am glad you had a great time.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I love the Town Moor Tasha. I haven't been for years but always remember the hot dogs, the burgers and those little crisp things they made that look like Quavers. When we were kids my dad took us every year and I always remember the lights on a night time - it was so exciting back then. It's not the same now I am an adult :(

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