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Fun insights into us

Okay, so i love the fact that we all are so honest with each other, and even though we know very little basic facts about one another we do give massive insights into our personalities. So i thought this would be a fun little thing to take our minds off sunday morning lazy brunches and roast dinners!

If you had to choose an animal to represent your character what would it be?

Ive thought long and hard, and as unoriginal as it may seem mine would be my cat lol.....for the below reasons!

1) She is fiercy loyal but only to a select few people....shes not fickle. I have a close unit of friends around me but have never been one for big groups

2) She adores her food, and eats too much (no need to comment on that one lol)

3) Shes very thoughtful and inquisitive...i love learning new things, and studying.

4) She loves to laze in the sun, and relax but at the same time has hour bursts of utter mayhem and activity....I love my baths and relaxation but always try and exercise

5)She always likes to win if shes playing with the dogs and make THEM run away, even though they are at least 5 times her size....i like to be the best at things i do, im very competitive!

6) Shes very wary of new people...and doesnt trust them.....it takes me a lot to trust people

7) She is entertaining to watch...people tell me i am enetertaining and fun to be around (naturally i think they are mad but its what they say)

8) She loves games....playing with toys etc...i am a bit of a geek in that i love games like pictionary, scrabble, taboo, etc

Obviously no one elses have to be so long and thought out and there are 1000's of animals! If no one wants to join in thats fine, just a thought!

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Silver Member
Funny thread! :D

I think I'd have to be an elephant.

1) they are big-boned, so am I :eek:
2) they have a very strong family unit, and I couldn't live without mine
3) they are female centred and I think it is the best solution :p (and a refreshing change)
4) they are peaceful animals unless you p*** them off, which is exactly me!
5) they are kinda greedy (at least when I saw them) and here no need to comment :D
6) they are strong minded animals, and God can I be stubborn
7) they are travelers and so am I :D

Or I could be a guinea pig, as I love lazying around :D

Elie xx
Hehe....they are all brilliant qualities though!! Elephants are also known to be very wise and very kind...you missed though!

Plus they never ever forget!! I say my mother has the mind of an elephant! She seems to remember things i said in the heat of the moment when i was 10 years old and still reminds me in an argument haha!



Silver Member
Very wise and very kind, eh....... Well, I can't tell you for kind, but I certainly am very wise, hehe :p

As for the memory...I am a teacher, I remember every single teeny detail of my lessons :D. My girls hate it when I say "oh but remember what I said 2 months ago about changing seats? blah blah blah".:p

And I have big ears like them :eek:
Oh my god thats so strange you said that!! SO strange. Only yesterday after having a long talk with the parents i decided that after toying with the idea since i was 17 i am now going to try and do a pgce! Im hoping its not too late for a 2008 start but may have to wait until 2009 now due to the deadlines for applications!

Please dont say you dont enjoy it now!

And im sure you do not have big ears silly silly!xxx


Silver Member
I DO have asymetrical ears. One is normal and the other is much bigger. It comes from my dad's side of the family :rolleyes:. People don't usually see it, but I swear it's true :eek:.

Is it a secondary or primary PGCE you wanna do? I am in my NQT year, and although I love the teaching bit, some things really get me down. But you have them in any place of work. :rolleyes: You can PM me if you want more details :D.

Elie x
Secondary PGCE....i would private message you but ive no idea how and also for some reason loads of things seem to be restricted on my profile, most odd!

Yeah i am prepared for some very stressful pupils in the future but im sure the pros outweigh the cons!

Do you have yahoo messenger or anything?xxx
I would be a seagull because ...

1. I live on the coast and love it
2. I'll eat almost anything (scavenger mentality)
3. I have a free-spirit
4. I like hanging around with like minded people

Where I'm not like a seagull is that I don't cr*p on people ;)


Silver Member
Very lovely anmal you chose there Russian Doll! I love sea birds. One of my favourite poem is a description of an albatros by baudelaire :)

fatpig, I have a hotmail address but I am reluctant to post it on here as once I did it on another forum and I was drown under spam :rolleyes:. I don't want you to think that I don't wanna talk to you! The contrary really, but I am now very cautious (and yes almost paranoid :p).

I think you need to get to 50 posts before you can have access to all options on the forum.

Elie xx
Aha! No no dont be silly i wasnt really thinking through the process of actually gaining the address to add haha! No worries!
Im in a brilliant mood, not only did i just sit and eat the tomoatoe soup while my parents tucked into chicken lie (i adorreeee pastry!) ive also just done my first ketosis test and its darkish pink, which is good i think as im drinking about 5l a day!! Whooppp....sounds ridiculous i know!



Silver Member
You misunderstood me fatpig :eek::eek::eek:

I don't mind you adding me, I mind posting my email addy on a forum :eek::eek::eek:

But if you don't wanna:character00148: with me then fine

Elie xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Secondary PGCE....i would private message you but ive no idea how and also for some reason loads of things seem to be restricted on my profile, most odd!

Yeah i am prepared for some very stressful pupils in the future but im sure the pros outweigh the cons!

Do you have yahoo messenger or anything?xxx
Hi fp13 :)

Elie's right,...once you have 50 posts on the forum, restrictions should automatically be lifted. It's something that's in place for all newer members hun.....:D
Lol no no no! I mean i didnt think about the fact that you would have to put your address up on the forum when i suggested adding you!
Spam is very annoying and its probs not best putting main emails up on here....hopefully ill be able to message soon when i have 50 posts :)

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