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Fussy Eater


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Morning ladies and gents.

I'm restarting SW next Tuesday and my OH is coming with me. I've around 7 stone to lose and he has around 4 stone to lose - less than me but he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc so needs it for health reasons more than I do.

The problem is he is a fussy eater and doesn't eat veg. He'll eat salad stuff, potatoes, onions, beetroot and the ilk but not 'proper' veg.

Just to add to the fun he is an HGV driver so packed lunches are usually sarnies.

Does anyone have any suggestions for packed lunches (bearing in mind we're getting to the chilly time of year so salads in the lorry cab won't appeal!). Also I use veg to fill me up with them being free food and filling but he won't eat them so what I can I stuff him up with?

I hope that all makes sense!!
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I was going to suggest soups too! My Brother is a long distance driver and is doing SW. He has his bread as his HeB's or soup, or couscous, rice and he's loosing weight every week. As for the veg side of it...dont worry...my Hubby did SW a few years ago and apart from carrots and a couple of potatoes refuses to eat fruit or veg and he managed ok!
What about a food flask? About £6.50 in Wilkinsons and you can keep food warm in there for upto 5hours. He could take jacket potatoes with him then or left over meals :)


I am one of the 63336
Thank you for all the tips (and it helps knowing others understand!)

A food flask is a fabulous idea. We don't have Wilkinsons nearby but my mother does so I'll ask her to keep her eyes open.
I had a look on the asda site and they have them there for a similar price. The necks are much wider than a regular thermos type flask so you can fill it with all sorts. Mmmmmm curry lol


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I remember years ago, when I was doing SW (back when green days were just for vegetarians lol)...my C back then used to say that you can do SW, never eat veg and still lose weight - it's probably true but it might just take longer x (Plus, if he'll have soups, that'll be a way to get veg into him!!)

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