Fuzzyducks CD diary. Day 1 down, feeling pleased.

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  1. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Not sure if anyone remembers me. It's good to see some familiar faces still around and lots of newer people too.

    I'm jumping back on the SS wagon tomorrow after putting on 10lbs over Christmas (argh, just recounted and its 12lbs not 10:eek:). I was doing well maintaining but we had a bit of a crisis a few weeks ago and things went downhill from there diet wise.

    I'll C&P the story from another forum as it will take me ages to write out again.

    A bit of background first. DS2 (2) has had an acquired haemangioma (like a strawberry birth mark) on his forehead which appeared about 3-4 months ago. About 6 weeks ago he knocked into a table and it started bleeding. The bleeding got worse over the next 2 weeks until 1 night we couldn't get it to stop and required a trip to casualty and a day in paeds the following day. They told us to keep it dressed until the bleeding stopped.

    4 days later it still hadn't stopped so we went back to the paeds ward and they referred us to Sheffield childrens hospital and we got an appointment for day surgery on 27th of December to have it removed. We had to keep it dressed in the mean time as it was still bleeding slightly.

    So we have kept it dressed and bandaged for the last 5-6 weeks, having to change the dressing every couple of days when it bled through. Over the past weeks it has grown from a pimple sized spot to the size of a 2p coin and standing proud about 5mm from his head.

    Anyway, he went to bed as normal on Monday night, and I went to bed at 11pm. Peeked through the door of his bedroom and all seemed fine, 5 mins later I heard him cry so I went to check on him and was met with something like a scene from a horror film. He was covered from head to toe in blood, so was the bed and it had soaked through the pillow to the mattress. Screamed to DH to fetch some towel and applied pressure while DH called an
    ambulance. Got to the hospital where they got the bleeding under control with bandages and dressings and then sent us to the waiting room as we were told they were very busy and it may be a while till we were seen.

    3 hours later, and the only person we had seen was a triage nurse. So I asked how long it would be and they said it would probably be at least another couple of hours, probably more. By this time it was 3am and I was sick of waiting so I phoned through to Sheffield and they told us to take him through there.

    At Sheffield A&E we were taken straight through and they removed the bandages. Cue lots more blood and DS2 having to be pinned down while they applied a special haemostatic dressing to try and stop the bleeding.

    We were moved to an assessment unit for the rest of the night and a surgeon came to see him the following morning at 9am. He wanted to remove the bandage to take a look. I warned him to get lots of wadding to soak up the blood but he said as it had had 4 hours of haemostatic dressing the bleeding would have stopped! Yeah right! So we had yet another blood bath and once again a distressed DS2 while he was pinned down and his head re-dressed. The surgeon wrote on his notes not to remove the bandages until surgery which would be done asap. He went down for surgery at 3pm and came back in a different theatre gown as he had soaked that one in blood too.

    They have done a fantastic job on his head and the scar will be minimal, but he has to be on iron for the next 3 months as his iron levels dropped to 8.5.

    As for the aftercare on the ward, that was a different matter. I had to ask for a drink for him twice when he came back from theatre, and then had to stand there while they made it as she got distracted again (they wouldn't let me get it myself). Other things happened too but that's another story.

    So you see, the diet went out of the window when faced with vending machine food for a couple of days, and I just didn't manage to get back into the swing of things after that.

    Here's my brave little soldier at about 1am in A&E after he'd been cleaned up a bit.


    Anyway, I've waffled enough for now. It feels good to be back and getting back on track.


    Niki xXx
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  3. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Oops, I managed to removed one of the pics

  4. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Awww Bless him, he is smiling through it all.

    Glad he is ok now.

    Good luck with your restart, alot of us are restarting so join us on the daily as well.

  5. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Omg Niki!

    Poor little mite, hope he dosen't have to go through anything like that again!!!

    You can do it on CD, we did it before we can do it again! Right behind you, honey!! X
  6. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

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    Oh my goodness, what a horror story, what a brave little man!!!!

    Good luck to you!
  7. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Yes, horror story indeed, the surgeon told us that if he hadn't woken up he would have bled to death:eek:

    Well after psyching myself yesterday to start today, I've woken up feeling crap so I'm going to start on Monday.

    I will then have around a month before we head off to Spain for a week and then back for 5 days before Hubby and I go to New York for 3 nights. I can't wait for the NY trip. I won a prize draw and we are going for free with $5000 spending money *Woohoo*.
  8. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hey F.D. - good to see ya back (course we remember you !)

    sorry to hear bout the littl'un....looks awful - bet you were terrified !! thank goodness he woke up !!!

    anyway, glad he's on the mend.....:)

    good luck with the re-start...keep us posted !

    can't believe you WON a fab trip to N.Y. - never mind fuzzy duck, try lucky duck !!


    Debz xx
  9. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Yeah, thanks goodness he woke up indeed. The Surgeon said he would most likely have bled to death if he hadn't woken.:eek:
  10. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Well, first day over with and the first day I've managed to SS in a long time. Ususally, I get to the end of the day and switch to 790. Yay me!:D

    Here's hoping I can manage many more and finally get to target this time.

    Only managed 2.5l of water but I also drank 3 cups of coffee and had extra water in my shakes so not too bad. Will be aiming for 3.5-4l today though, plus extra coffees etc.
  11. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Hey, just found your thread:)
    Your poor little baby! That must have been so traumatic for you, glad things got sorted. I agree with the lucky duck comment too - that must be AMAZING!

    congrats on getting through day 1, i have to step up my water too!

    Leah xxx
  12. Ronnie

    Ronnie Here I Go Again

    HI FD

    So pleased your little boy is on the mend they seem to take it in their stride don't they.

    Can't belive how long you had to weight to be seen that's bad!

    That's great you got through day 1 good luck for the rest of your journey.
  13. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Hey fuzzyduck!

    Sounds like you are doing great.... do you still have my moby number?? you can txt me any time..... :D
  14. fuzzyduck

    fuzzyduck Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Oops, bit of a blip yesterday:break_diet:

    Need to learn from that mistake and move on. Today will be better. I only have 4 weeks till I go to Spain, really need to have a stone off by then.

    Spooky, I can't find your mob number, could you pm it to me again :D
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