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Fuzzys Angel

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Here I go, 6 hours until my first management meeting, I’m quite nervous about it yet excited that I’m finally returning to food but have I learnt enough? Will I be able to do this?


I have found foundation relatively easy and have enjoyed the packs especially the choc flavour (funny though before starting LL I hated anything chocolate flavour). I didn’t have a problem going without food over the Christmas and new year, infact it was nice not having to worry about putting on extra weight then being really depressed in January and starting yet another diet……

But return to food….Ummmm! Will that be so easy? I’m not sure! But what I am very sure about I will put my heart and sole into the next 12 weeks on management and for the rest of my life to stay slim. I can’t remember the last time I was a size 12, it must have been before my children were born (20 years ago). The last time I managed to loss weight I only got to a size 14……

Anyway I will continue to write here with my LL management journey….

Thanx for all your support and I look forward to your encouragement throughout management!

“May you get what your heart desires”

Loads of Hugs
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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oh mandy
congratulations ,
you have done so well ,please let us all know how it went when you get back , i dont kow if youve read it but amanda jane has a fantastic management diary going , im sure youd get some good insights into whats ahead from her xxxxx
again well done
im soooo jealous xxx:eek:

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Well had my first solid food today, a small chicken breast and a tablespoon of cottage cheese.........Ummmm chicken has never tasted so good!

I was unable to eat it all as my body was telling me i was full, infact i felt quite bloated. Hadn't i reconised soon enough that i was full? Had i eaten too quickly? I'd say no to both questions but my stomach was really painful for hours afterwards.......Hope this doesn't happen tomorrow couldn't bare the uncomfortable feeling again....

As some of you are aware i work night shifts at the local hospital and it isn't always possible to post daily. Although i will try my upmost to, as journey through management. I feel could be beneficial to both you and certainly for myself. Management is a scary and exciting place to be and i'd like to share this journey will you....

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Fuzzy Angel,

It's great that you're posting your management diary. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences!

Quote: "i felt quite bloated"

I felt exactly the same after eating for the first time (on four 1/2 months). It was really uncomfortable all the next day and I was worried that I was intolerant to salmon (which I love). Fortunately, this effect wore off in a couple of days and now I am fine. I think it is because our stomachs are just not used to solid food and react when it comes back initially.

Quote: "my body was telling me i was full"

It's good that you are listening in your body like that. Try to continue to do so. You may find that when your appetite returns and you start to feel hungry and anticipate eating your meal, you think you'll eat more than you can (if that makes sense). Take your time and when you think you are full - stop. Take the plate into the kitchen. If later you feel hungry again, have a bit more. You will find that you won't need to.

I am still learning to leave food on the plate. I find that the world does not end if I do!



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oooh congratulations! Well done!

will it be easy? If only!!! The answer of course is no, but you have shown such strength and determination and management is by far the best route (I think) to stability!

I think you'll be fine and there are sooo many reasons to stay well, that nasty piece at your work who you posted about weeks ago for example..... wiped the smirk of her face I'll bet!

I'm sure soon you will readjust to food and start enjoying it again, but this time YOU are in control as opposed to food controlling you!

I'm so excited for you!


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hate eating

Hello Girls (& any guys)


Sorry haven't been on-line for a week, computer is really plying up.....


I started down the gym this week & have put on 3lbs, i'm not getting my head around this!!!! I hate eating and am so scared that i will put the weight back on if i do, infact i must be really honest i have just brought a weeks supply of cambridge on line (as i can't go back to abstaince with my leader), am i wrong in buy this????

I really hated being fat and now i'm finally slim, infact slimmer than i have been in 20 years i really really don't want to go back to my old ways but around food i'm useless....




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Hia Fuzzy, are your arms open?

If you are doing LL Management you will be following a very gradual reintroduction of certain limited foods for the first couple of weeks, together with three packs daily. You just have to reintroduce a piece of protein and some veg for one meal each day. Are you doing this? Can you give me an example of what you eat on a given day?

Have you been writing things down in the daily food and moods diary? Our counsellor advised us to write an additional journal in case there were extra stuff we wanted to write. She explained that there was not enough room in the LL diary for extra notes.

I am confused as to why you have felt it necessary to buy more packs on-line. Have you spoken with your counsellor about your fears. He/she will probably be familiar with problems like this and could offer advice and support. It sounds like you are 'being secretive' about food (something I used to do too), which is a cause for concern.

"...as i can't go back to abstaince with my leader"
Can you tell me why that is? Do you feel that your counsellor will not be sympathetic about your difficulties.

"I started down the gym this week & have put on 3lbs"
When we weigh ourselves on scales other than our counsellors', the scales will often be calibrated differently and the figures will be different (and it's a different time of the day). Also, if you are working out in the gym you will be toning up and adding muscle which weighs more than fat.

It sounds like you are feeling really anxious about reintroducing food (I can identify with that becauseI was also afraid I'd eat too much and put on weight).

I am writing a thread called 'AJs Management Journey' where I am writing all sorts of stuff about what I'm doing. I know that you're doing the same on this thread, but you haven't written anything for a week (I know the computer wasn't working, but was that the only reason (?), but I find that if I can't get on my computer, I write stuff in my journal instead. The act of writing makes me think and reflect.

I do hope that your computer is feeling better now, please keep writing your management experiences, they are so important for us to read and learn from.

Don't panic and don't give up!