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I did. Consisted of really bad pains in the chest area, like chronic indigestion, was in agony for hours and hours. Nothing would get rid of the pain, just had to wait it out. It would come on quickly and go quickly too, but whilst in the throes of it, it was pure agony. Doubled up in pain. Have had my gall bladder removed now, for over 3 years so no more attacks thank goodness.
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On friday evening I started getting back pain like I was sat awkwardly and started feeling really uncomfortable just underneath my diaphragm went to bed still with back aching and feeling a bit ill, then woke up at 2.30 with really bad pain under diaphragm and my back was killing me, ended up on the bathroom floor as felt really sick, took 2 painkillers and went back to bed but couldn't get comfortable however I lay, went back to the bathroom with my pillow! Ended up getting a bit better after a couple of hours and went to sleep but still could feel the pain in my back and front.

Remembered the same happened a couple of months ago, but was actually vomiting then, just put it down to bad food. Don't know if it's hereditary but my mum had gallstones and had her gallbladder removed.

Bit nervous about going to the doctor as apart form my massive needle phobia, I'm getting marrie din Feb and off on honeymoon in march so not really wanting to have an op!




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I've had/have them too :( Terrible pain. Am awaiting the op.

Bit nervous about going to the doctor as apart form my massive needle phobia, I'm getting marrie din Feb and off on honeymoon in march so not really wanting to have an op!
You may find if you have a really bad attack that you will be saying "get me a doctor and give me a jab!!";)

Try not to worry too much. You may not have another attack for ages. It probably will have to come out eventually, but cross that bridge when you get to it eh.
Don't worry hun, if you do have to have an op, its usually day surgery done by keyhole under a general. Doesn't take long to get over the op. I know once I'd had several attacks, I would have been quite prepared to surgically remove them myself if I could have worked out how to do it. Best to get yourself checked at the docs, he will probably send you for a scan to confirm.
Hi Helen,
Don't want to depress you but it does sound like gallstones to me. I had my gallbladder out in July, one of the best things I've ever done, such a relief.

Back pain is typical. Did you feel you had to sit very upright and straight-backed? That's what I kept doing. Even thought I just had bad posture for a while and then wham, the bad attacks started. Like Eclipse says, very bad pain, takes your breath away. Didn't know where to put myself, and then it just goes, I suppose as the stone gets thru the tube. Yes, it felt like severe indigestion, yes I felt very sick, and like I had a knife in my back.

My advice is, don't ignore it - see your GP and get it sorted out out, preferably before you go on honeymoon. You can possibly get extremely ill if a stone ever gets stuck. This didn't happen to me, but did to my sister, who was in big trouble with her liver as a result of a bile duct blocked by a large gallstone. She is okay now thankfully and the Consultant did say she was unlucky as that is a rare occurrence. So I don't mean to scare you, but I would strongly advise anyone who suspects they have gallstones to get it checked out. Oh yes, and he did say there is a hereditary aspect to it!

My sister and I had both done CD prior to our troubles, though to be fair I think I had had gallstones for a few years before, and I would guess so had she.

Hope this helps.
S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Thanks all for your help and comments, from what you've all said it sounds like that's my problem!

Especially with the whole posture thing, will def try to get to the doctors asap.

Will keep you all posted, if you don't mind that is!!

S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Went to the doctors this morning and was told it's heartburn!!

I've never had heartburn before but I didn't expect it to be like that! She said some people are fine with it but some people get it very severely (that would be me then!). Apparantly the blandness of food packs had caused it as now regular food is causing acid.

I did point out to her that I ate chicken and peas on Friday and enchiladas on Saturday yet it was the friday I was ill! She said tha'ts strange but to try and keep a record of what I eat and when it happens to see if there is something else that sets it off, I've got a presciption to get tonight and she said just keep Gaviscon by the bed. Obviously I'm very relieved, and now feel very bad for the people that do have gallstones as it sounds horrible! I was in agony and only had poxy heartburn!!

THanks for all your help and kind words - feel a bit of a fraud now!
Dont take her word for it hun, you should get a scan to be sure - Gallstones are often passed off as heartburn and it happened to me. My gallbladder got so bad I had to have an op to remove it which with complications caused a twisted bowel and a seven night hospital stay - not nice! I wonder if there is a link with VLCD's and gallstones? i know there is a link with rapid weightloss but didnt make the connection to LL until now

Oh well I cant get it again can I? LOL
Good idea to keep a note of what you eat, and what triggers it. IMHO, for what its worth, I still think it might be gallstones. Heartburn shouldn't have affected you as badly as that. If it happens again, go back and keep going back until you get it properly checked out by a scan. Glad you're feeling better tho hun xxx


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I wouldnt take it either, my gp initially diagnosed heartburn but it wasnt, I saw a different gp in the practice and was sent for a scan which proved I had gallstones....omg the pain is awful, would much rather go through childbirth.
If you have another attack see if you can see a different gp if you can at your surgery and tell him/her that your mum had gallstones and she said it sounds just like her symptoms.....it is hereditary.

If you keep getting blockages your gallbladder goes grotty and you can even end up with pancreatitis which can become life threatening......this happened to me a few times.
Though my gallstones appeared before I dieted, I think most people have them but dont cause problems until a change in your diet.

Good luck
I agree with the others. Both my sister and I were told we had indigestion. The amount of Zantac, Lanzoprazole, Gaviscon etc that we took was incredible - to no avail! You really do need a scan, that will show conclusively whether or not you have gallstones. Could you pay to have one done privately if the Dr won't refer you on the NHS? I did that, it was a couple of hundred quid I think, and worth every penny to get rid of the horrible pain and fear of living with the thought that another attack might happen at any time.
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