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Well, what a weekend I have had! after a trip to Pizza hut, I only had one slice of pizza and a salad, I had the night of my life, and not in a good way!
I was in the most pain ever, worse than childbirth, there was not break in the pain, after being up all night Hubby took me to docs.. who sent me to hospital.. after a day and a half on morphine, and two more days in hospital, I have been diagnosed with inflamed gallbladder and gallstones, I am not waiting for the inflammation to go down.

So If I have not lost you. ... has anyone been through this??? and did just sticking to a Very low fat diet keep the pain at bay??

I am so sorry to waffle, but thought someone may have been through this.

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my daughter who is 25 lost 7 stones very quickly on a meal replacement diet and developed gallstones. (I don't know if this caused the problem, but her doctor didn't seem to think so). She had numerous severe attacks and likened the pain to child birth. She was taken to hospital a couple of times with the pain when she collapsed at work. She had her gall bladder removed just before Christmas by key hole surgery, she just stayed in hospital one night and her recovery was good. She has just gone back to work after having 5 weeks to recuperate.
I do the Cambridge and have never had a problem like so many people. Maybe it was just a coincidence with my daughter. The good thing is she is fine now.
Good luck.
i would really apreciate it if someone could help me out, i think i may have gall stones, and i was wondering if anyone else has had them here?

These are my symptoms...

Sometimes it starts by feeling as though my bra is too tight, but its not, then other times i am alseep and i get woken up by a HORRIBLE pain...it starts on my right side, under my boobs and kind of builds up and spreads to the left. I was so worried the first time that i went to A&E and they told me i had a torn muscle ( which i KNEW it wasnt!) and not to do excersise and the next time i went to the doctor she told me i had probly been exersising to much and to be honest the only excersise i do is walk about a mile a day...the thing is, by the time i have made the doc's apaointment the pain is gone and sometimes doesnt come back for months....I just cant express hhow much it hurts!

The thing that confuses me is that i am only 19 and not THAT over weight .. Probly 1 Stone, so not really the typical victim of gall stones, my diet has changed recently, since i moved out into my own place...so that may be something to do with it? please help, i am so desperate, i dont even feel i can go back to the doctors becuase she doesnt belive me.... :(


It's not low calorie diets etc that can cause them but most likely the fatty diet and bad diet that was eaten in the past.


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yes, I have had gallstones and my gallbladder out about two years ago...yes pain is excruciating!! Can be hereditary too...my sister has also had hers out. I also still occasionally get bad pain - indigestion now I guess- if I have very greasy food, i.e a fry up or similar and become more prone to weight increase and more difficult to get off too so you still have to be careful once they are out !!
I had gallstones when I was 17, omg the pain was so bad I wanted someone to just shoot me.
i have them, im waiting for my op at the moment.

the pain is awful.xx
4 years ago I lost 5st very quickly on a VLCD and only then started to get the dreadful pain from gallstones. My GP mis-diagnosed it and I was in intense pain every few days for about 6 months. Following a visit to a different GP I was referred to a consultant who very quickly diagnosed gallstones. As I was fortunate enough to have private healthcare I had the op 3 weeks later. The consultant advised it's possible to relieve the symptoms with a low fat diet but sooner or later an operation to remove the gall bladder would be necessary. He also advised that although I probably had the stones for some time before I lost the weight, it had been the rapid weight loss which had caused the problem. It's not just bad eating habits which cause them to form as even slim people develop them - my mum was tiny as is my sister and both had the same problem - but some people produce more calcium which forms into stones and it's likely to run in families. Have the op if you can, it's such a relief to be rid of that excrutiating pain.

ive just had the hospital on the phone my got my op date for next thursday, woohoo.xx


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Ahhh thats good hun! Good luck - enjoy being pain free! x
I too am awaiting a date to have mine out, developed a massive infection after my WLS ened up hospitalised for 9 days, 5 of them on morphine where all i remember is ocassionally insisting i roll out of bed with help to go to the bathroom
Had them 10 years ago - dreadful. Had surgery. My mother has them and at ... no i daren't tell you how old, she refuses to have surgery, but controls it through diet. Low fat. and avoiding other food that she knows upset her.

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