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Garlic bread!

Oh god. I resisted temptation last wk when they had mc donalds and last night when they had chips but fair play to you i cannot resist garlic bread :(
I LOVE garlic bread. My oh says he has to have it with spag bol/lasange.
Drives me mad!
They are so supportive arent they lol . We went to see ALan Carr last night and my hubby had chips on the way home and kept trying to get me to have some grrrrrr


Yoyo dieting my way through life!
I was SO tempted to have some, I love the stuff. Worst part is, I had to dish up dinner...it was right under my nose! lol Instead I had my weight watchers micro meal and veg. Great. LOL
Well very well done for passing on it. You will be delighted when you have your wi that you didnt have it :)


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I make my own version by getting a warby wrap, teaspoon of melted butter and some garlic. Whack it in the oven and hey presto! Not exactly the same but I've converted my fella :D 5pp


Yoyo dieting my way through life!
Thanks Gwen! :D

Ooh that sounds yummy! I'll stick warby wraps and garlic on my shopping list now :)
I've tried the ww dough balls (they were ok - i've never tried "proper" non-ww dough balls before - so i didn't have great expectations!). I've also tried the ww petit pans - they were really nice - i think they were 5pts and I've got ww garlic bread ready to be sampled...!

I bought them because before i was on WW, garlic bread was something we had with most meals (you know, with pizza and pasta - not with a roast! lol) so i did struggle a little...

I was chuffed when I found these in Asda and they were on special offer - i think they were about £1 / 75p... absolute bargain!

Ive tried the ww garlic bread its actually lovely but not worth 6 points for the size x


will hit target this time
i love the eat smart garlic bread slices from morrisons, at 2PP each! sometimes i have 2 or top them with a bit of mozzarella cheese if i've got the points to spare, really sorts my cravings out for all things garlicky, haha! x
Ive tried the small ww ones from asda before I was on ww and thought they were lovely. I like garlic bread with pasta so dont mind using the points on them - better than the full fat ones where u dont get as much fr the points. Asda do tend to have good offers on them, dont think ive seen them at tesco :( shame as thats where I shop now!


Yoyo dieting my way through life!
Thanks ladies, I shall give them a go :) I love garlic dough balls too! yummm!

Graciebabes, we don't have a morrisons :( crap. xx


Yoyo dieting my way through life!
Graciebabes, ta chick. I will have a nose round asda! xx

Ltme, Thanks :D I don't think I could pass it by twice though lol I love the stuff xx
I had the weight watcher garlic petit pan last night and it was lush well worth the points in my opinion.
Worth a look I found them in asda by the fresh breads, I have the dough balls for tonight can't wait :D


Yoyo dieting my way through life!
Oooh all this talk of garlic bread and dough balls is making me hungry! :D

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