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Garlic/Onion Salt, Powder, Granules syn value

Hi everyone,

First post! I'm sure part of this question has been answered in past posts but I cant seem to find a complete answer anywhere online including the Slimming World Syns Online.

I'm wondering if Garlic Salt/Powder/Granules and Onion Salt/Powder/Granules are free?

I know that the powders and granules have different consistencies and possibly added baking powder or starches etc.

I've heard that the salts are free but again I can't find this anywhere on the Syns Online.

I don't want to get into the habit of using them if they are not free etc.

It can sometimes be really confusing to figure out which spices or flavourings have a syn value. I know a lot of the 'seasoning mixes do' as they have hidden oils and starches and I wonder do the Garlic and Onion dried additives fall under this category?

If I'm honest, I'm not ever 100% sure the differences between the content of the three types of each ( other than that they appear in recipes) so info on that too would be much appreciated :)
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Hello! Will do my best to answer this question!
I'm pretty confident that garlic powder/onion powder/celery salt etc is free as I've seen it used in SW recipes that are free-they are classed as a dried spice/condiment(?). Salt is free too.
Things like chilli con carne/shepherds pie mixes usually have syns because they contain flour, to make the sauce nice and thick. That said, say the whole packet had 4 syns in, by the time you'd portioned it up, it would probably be around 1 syn each. This is good to be aware of, because I find sometimes I avoid things that have syns without really thinking about how little it would be in a portion!
Hope this helps!
As far as I'm aware, and I've never been told different, all herbs and spices are free. I never count them and I use them in everything!
Thanks so much for the replies. Great to know that they are all free! I had read somewhere that the different salts (Garlic/Onion) were free but I worried that the powders and even the granules might have had those same hidden flours or starches that are in the Shepherds Pie mixes etc and would be syned.

I also overlook how little the syn value might be once the dish is portioned up.

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