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Garnie Nutrisse Creme colour and Multi Lights Kit


I ahve just bought one of each of these, the colour in golden brown and the kit is kit 4 (for coloured/uncoloured brown hair)

Does anyone on here use either of these products as I have never used them before, usually if i do my hair at home (which was rare but finances now state I MUST lol) I have always used loreal as I like them

I am going with they must be good as the lovely Davina advertises them lol that and the fact they were on offer in superdrug

Some feedback would be perfect. thanks

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I've used the creme colour...it made my head sting a bit which is unusual as I'm normally fine! Nothing major but it was still annoying. The end result was nice though. I found it very true to box colour.
excellent, thank you. They usually make my head tingle a bit so will be a bit more aware on this one.

Like that it is true to the box - i have had many a naff look due to the colour being nothing like on the box lol

Hopwfully this time tomorrow I will have nice brown hair with nice brown streaks lol


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It's the highlights I don't have the patience for (or skill, come to think of it). I did see a hair colourant advertised on tv recently that gives multitones almost like highlights but can't remember the brand. If I ever find out what it is I'll probably try that next!
i cant do that on myself however as a block colour of brown my hair looks terrible at the mo

which is why i thought a block colouor with this kit thingie over the top may be just the ticket lol It has a wand thing in it that i intend to waft over my hair 6-8 times and then i have a few "streaks" which will break up the block colour

Really wish I could afford the hairdressers and go back to being blonde lol

nice & easy gives multitones and it does kind of work I used to use a blonde one and everyone thought a hairdresser had done it !
I now use Garnier its more of a block colour but stings less when your putting it on and stinks less and is quicker, both are good for doing your own hair but id be wary of the highlight ones if you can get someone else to brush them through I know a girl who ended up looking like a wonky badger !:rolleyes:
lol I always do my own it does turn out ok have even been Garnier golden brown (got lots of compliments though now platinum blonde!)

It wont be rubbish I have seen some really nice resuts using home kits but a few terrible ones (as above) its the way you apply that makes the difference waft away pick up smallish bits though rather than large pieces for a more natural look

I have the golden brown one lol and kit 4 to go over the top of brown, to be honest i dont want anything dramatic (will be going back to blonde once some weight has come off and some pennies are in the pot to treat myself) but i do need a lift - as the brown I have is very dull and boring and block colour is rubbish on my baby fine hair

Thank you for your help, I am going to go for it and what will be will be lol



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I've used the blonde multilights kit and it worked well. I got OH to do the ones at the back. I've got one now from Wilkos,Colour Inspirations it was only£1.95p. They do a block colour one very cheaply too.
i did it first thing this morning and love the results, kinda wish i had got kit 3 so "streaks" are a bit more noticeable but as they only had 1 or 4 in the shop i didnt have a lot of choice lol only did 7 in the end but it has lifted my hair nicely and given it a bit more ompfh,

Now I know how it works I will use more next time, and not be so scared lol first time i have ever done my hair at home and liked it

Also i was feeling very fat and frumpy which stupidly was stopping me from cracking on with sw cos I was so low and feeling down i couldnt get my head round it. Now i feel more like the old me i feel I can do this - it has really boosted me

Thanks xxx
Using the home colour for a full head should be no problem, but the wand for the highlighting kit is poo and SO difficult to use, and i don't personally think its any good unless you'v been able to match the highlights you'v already got and are literaly just filling in some rootage! LOL.. iv never been able to get it right for me, but being a hairdresser i'm a perfectionist when it comes to hair, and now i have the skill and equipment to do it all properly i shan't bother using home colour ever again. If you know anyone with access to a wholesalers, its just as easy to use salon colour, you'v just got to mix it yourself.. so just make sure you chat to someone who knows what they'r doing to advise you on peroxcide levels etc and you'd be fine wacking a colour on lol xxx


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i used to do my own colour and buy things from pomadours but they changed it to level 3 students only can buy the things :( ... i only done level 2! LOL...

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