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Gastric Band newbie help...............

Hi to everyone, ive spent all evening reading through various blogs and it seems like a really freindly, helpful site.
I have tried many diets in the past which all worked for me but since being diagnosed with a very under active thyroid, had my gall bladder removed and IBS I can not loose weight
I just want to ask what the next steps are to having gastric band op??
I have been seeing my Dr alot over the recent years because I am so unhappy that I can not loose weight who swiftly put me on various slimming tablets kept useless food and exercise diarys which they hardly glanced at, and have now been referred to my local hospital to see a someone in the Endocrinology department,
What happens now?? From reading other posts does this mean that I see a dietician that decides if I can be put forward for the op?? Sorry for my ignorance im just so confused and really am so unhappy and thought that someone might know if I am actually getting nearer to being advised if I can have the Gastric Band :cry:
Thanks xxxxx
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Sweetie this part of the forums are you those on lipotrim total food replacement diet but there is a section for surgery if you go back to the main weight loss forum page :)

But do you really want to go to the extremes of surgery?

How about trying a tfr diet? or are you not keen?

Edit: http://www.minimins.com/surgical-weight-loss/ heres the link to the surgery part of the website


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TFR is really good IBS sufferers. I can't eat most fruits and veg so I know how difficult it makes trying to lose weight. The last 4 weeks on LT though have been a dream for my stomach, it's been absolutely perfect.


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I went to my dr's for a gastric band referral middle of last year, i am still waiting to hear anything. I gave up waiting coz Im fed up of being the way I am, so I started the shakes. So glad I did, from what I hear the GB is just as hard as this, but without the dangers of surgery, but look at Ferrne Briton! Good luck in what ever u decide to do x


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TFR is really good IBS sufferers. I can't eat most fruits and veg so I know how difficult it makes trying to lose weight. The last 4 weeks on LT though have been a dream for my stomach, it's been absolutely perfect.
I hear you there, I had a bowel resection in 2004 and since then I can go up to 6 times a day and its not normal poo if you get my meaning. Since being on LT albeit only for a week so far, my bodily functions have been brill. Doing normal ones for the first time in 5 years and only once a day, and not having the urgency or fear that I am going to get caught out.
Hi all, im sorry ive posted on the wrong forum...still learning:) Hope I get to grips with it soon lol...
I spoke to my Dr today with regards to Lipotrim after reading all the success storys and he dashed all my hopes as he said his never even heard of it...has any1 elses Dr responded in the same way??? Im going to go to a participating pharmacist and go from there because from reading threads I would love to give Lipotrim a go:) Thanks to all who responded:)


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I've read somewhere else that someone's GP hadn't heard of Lipotrim even though there was a poster about it in his waiting room.

I'd say it's his problem and feel sorry for his patients - you know better!

Good luck whatever you decide to do! x


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Don't be sorry you have posted in the wrong forum - everyone here is great and will always try to help out whatever it is! :)

Ive heard of some doctors not having heard of LT before either!! Silly billys!!

Look it up online on the lipotrim website, read about it and if your confident about it give it a go - afterall you'll never know enless you try :)
Lipotrim is a really good diet to lose weight, don't take the fact your GP doesn't know about it, some GP's are so keen to hand out pills and surgery.
The pharmacist i go to is so helpful, so having a chat to one is great, and Iwas told by my GP before I started Lipotrim that if you have a gastric band you have to go on a TFR diet for 6 weeks so that your liver shrinks, which a) means you might as well give it a try cos you'll have to do it anyway and b) scared the life out of me about what I was doing to my liver!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but you can get loads of support on this web either here in Lipotrim, or i'm suire in the surgery section
Yes. It was my GP who was clueless, he tried me on some appetite suppressants at first, (useless) Then he was going to put me on Xenocol, which has, I've heard, awful pooing side effects......BUT I have successfully lost all my excess weight with LT and the Doctor was SO pleased that my BP and Cholesterol are perfectly normal now. Please, please try this before resorting to drastic surgery. Wishing you EVERY success.

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