Gave in to holiday temptation!


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I've just come back from a week in Cornwall and had a fab time despite the weather.
I'd survived 2 months of SS and knew I was going to enjoy myself on holiday. I had a shake for breakfast, dropped water intake from 4 to 2 litres (in case I wouldn't find a loo!), had bars for lunch half of the time and ate out the others. Had cornish cream teas, crisps and salad with local meat or fish with a couple of glasses of red wine in the evenings.
Arrived back on Friday and went straight back onto SS with no problems and drank my 4 litres again. I was dreading my weigh in today but I hadn't put on any weight.
I am so pleased knowing I can just carry on with CD.
All that walking obviously paid off.
I'm so glad that you had a lovely holiday and that you got back onto the CD wagon so easily .. and without adding any extra pounds while you were away either!

It really does prove that you can have a life AND lose weight too if you're sensible doesn't it? :)
Glad you had a good holiday wez and a huge WELL DONE getting straight back to SS

It's exactly what I did after my trip to Tunisia at the end of May..............just love this you the tools to cope with normal life brilliantly :D