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Gay Marriages in California


This Time It's Personal!
It's a day late as the ban was officially lifted yesterday, but I just wanted to mark the occasion with this post.

As of June 17th, gay marriages are being performed in California once again. Congratulations to California!

Let's hope all of this nonsense and bickering on the issue in the USA is soon put aside so people can actually start talking about important issues such as who we're bombing, rather than who we're allowed to love.
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This Time It's Personal!
As always, I'm revisiting old threads I've started (I'm self-obsessed that way).

Surprised this didn't get more comment. In any case, I thought I'd better add to it by saying that I myself am gay. Interestingly, I see parallels between being homosexual and being overweight. In both cases, one experiences prejudice on a daily basis, and yet only one of those discriminatory behaviours is illegal.

I suppose it's because people see being overweight or obese as something that is a personal choice, or one's "own fault". Which is usually totally false, of course.

Agh, I'm rambling now because I've treated myself to a little drink.
I have a few pennies to add to this post as both these 'issues' lie quite close to heart. I'm not gay, but I have 2 of my very closest friends who are, 1 happens to be slightly overweight and he does get a lot of prejudice and discriminatory remarks thrown at him.

I will add more when I'm not typing in a Jabberwockey way.

Good for you Oxfordruse, a little drink is good for the soul ;)

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