i was in an RTA last night


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ohh flippin heck, 1st time ive ever been involved in an accident, shhok me up a bit.

im absolutly fine and miraciously there no damage to my car.

i was coming home from work, about an hours drive.. i stopped off at the supermarket and bought some hot chicken and salad for our tea, and was about 5 mins from home in a little village

a bus, was just pulling out, the car in front stopped, i stopped and the WHAM! something hit me.

i wondered what the heck had just happened. i looked in my rear view mirror but there was nothing there, the road was clear, then i looked side to side but i just couldnt see anything. then 2 women came running up the pavement. i openend my door still bewildered...and behind me lying on the road was a motorcyclist.

the bike was on top of him, he couldnt move his legs. i phoned 999, other people starting arriving. 2 men arrived and starting directing traffic. its a tiny village, but the main A road out of the city so at 5.30 its chock a block with busy traffic

all the cars were piling up queing all the way out of the village in both directions

then this woman came running down the middle of the road, screaming OH NOOO Oh NOOOO oh my God...my baby..sobbing and screaming

it was this young lads granny, who had just waved to him as he rode past her further back in the village

the young lad was only 16. he went white and beads of sweat were on his face, then he couldnt breathe, he was having an asthma atttack with the shock, someone appeared with an inhaler, and we poked it through his helmet.

we lifted the bike off his legs, and a blanket appeared from somewhere, out of someones car, the granny was still shouting at him, bloody motorbikes, its going,,your not having it, how many times have i told you about going to fast...etc etc..

someone took her aside, and the lady that was fisrt on the scene was talking to the boy. he was lying on his sidein the road unable to move his legs,

i was on the phone, explaining where we were, what the situation was, they were asking me about the condition of the boy etc.

then another man came running up the road..im a paramedic he yelled..let me see him. he was off duty but had been stuck in the traffic queue saw what happened

within about 10 mins a paramedic car came
follwed by an ambulance and a police car
it was only 10 mins but it seemd such a long time. my heart was pounding. my best friend had been killed on a motorbike.

the grannys family appeared. what happened what happened? they all asked..i dont know i said, i think he just skidded the bike on the wet road, and crashed into the back of me, and bounced off.

the lady who was on the pavemetn said he wasnt speeding. he diddnt do any damage to my car, except for a balck tyre mark on my bumper, i think he just braked too late and skidded into me, bounced off my car, the bike toppled over with him still on it, and trapped him underneath

anyway, the ambulance took him off on a stretcher to the hospital, suspected broken pelvis i think and as they carried him past me, he mouthed thankyou to me, gawd did that make me well up.

anyway the paramedic checked me out, i was fine, just felt sick and my heart was racing. then i had to sit in the police car, while a very hansome young chap took my details and radioed through to check my car out. ive got to go to the police station to give my insurance and licence. by the time i got home it was ogne 7pm and my chicken was cold.

i wonder how he is now?
ohh it was horrible to see him lying there

and all the bloody traffic as it went past had a good old look at the situation...bloody 'rubber necking' as my hubby calls it

Just glad everyone is ok!

These things really do shake you up - even if nobody is seriously injured. Later on, you keep replaying it over in your mind and thinking of what COULD have happened.

What a relief that the lad was OK and that you weren't injured.
Oh hun - you are really going through the mill right now, aren't you?

I'm so sorry that you had to go through this - it really is horrendous being involved in something like that, isn't it?

I'm sure the lad will be ok - please try not to worry unduly - easier said than done, I know!

Big HUGS, darling!!!