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TOWIE'S Gemma Collins Works out in Park - Celeb News - Celebs + TV - People.co.uk

Now first of all good on her for exercising however as we all (who watch it ) know TOWIE is hardly real, i always say its the fact its so bad its good haha. Last week she was naked in a paper talking about how she is proud of her curves, shouted her weight from the rooftops. Fast forward a week and we have shorts and crop tops exercising in a park. ITV obviously are seeing pound signs but there is no way they would get me out in public in that outfit for the world to see.

Mark my works the weight will drop and we will have another 'celebrity' dvd out at xmas. And it will be all down to how she looked in 'that' picture

No real point to this post just feel like she is being used by itv, i have a horrible feeling once they have used her for what they can get shes in for a tough time maintaing

P.S im not putting her down i think shes fab
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Using the word celeb in its absolute loosest fashion there...

Lets face it NOONE would exercise in a public park like that and most certainly not someone who, no I cant bring myself to call her a celeb, someone whos on tv :rolleyes: unless there was something in it for them...

I suspect thats as much a 'caught out' shot as Claire Nasir's was... well planned and totally for publicity and no doubt to promote a dvd thatll be in production as we speak.
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maybe its for publicity :)

go gemma x


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maybe its for publicity :)

go gemma x
lol Dont think theres any question about it. Wait for the 'distraught' photos in the sun about how she didnt realise how she looked, how shes upset she was photographed, how shes going on a diet.

Totally fake and set up situation... the lengths people will go to get in the papers/magazines :rolleyes:

Shame she couldnt even be original about it though lol
But she is also getting something out of it, so clearly a win-win situation. Everyone has a right to chose, no one is forcing her to do anything.
aww yeah Mick and Gemma ! lol I hope however that once itv have thrown a personal trainer at her, paid for whatever diet ( Remember Arg and lighterlife) they support her afterwards. As with any diet you need to be aware of why you eat reasons behind especially as she has described herself as an emotional eater. Im behind anyone dieting as its bloody hard work


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oh surely she knew a pap wud snap her,

oh well xx
Arg is fab, he's come into his own this series what with that and wrapping himself in cling film. Just wish he would get back with lydia.

Other wishes for this would be for lauren to wake up and smell the coffee and dump mark wright
Mick and gemma to get together
Lauren and kirk to get wed
and lucy well dont really want her back next series

Gosh im soooo sad


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haha towie is filmed only 20mins away from me its a couple of towns away from em shame they show the people in that light tho we all dont dress up day to day basis that glamourous. lol

your not sad now or never lol u have been sucked into the reality tv curse x


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Ah, The Only Way is Essex!
I must live with my head in the clouds (our up my bum) or somewhere else.
I had to resort to Google too!!!

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