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Gemmas Countdown- 14 days to go. BINGED


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Ok am finally gonna get the rest of this weight off, summer is approaching and I so wanna be slim,

My lowest weight was 12.8 but after a weekend binge I am now 13.1, hopefully this is just water.

I have a night out planned with the girls for the 20th June and I so wanna be near the 12 stone dead mark, as I have not seen alot of them for a while and want them to notice the weight loss

Already had a minor blip this morning in my sleepy head mode but I still got the rest of the day to make up for it. Will try for daily updates on the weight loss.

Good luck to others that are re starting
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Best of luck, drink loads of water :)
Good luck and keep chattting, it really helps!


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Cheers everyone,

Made it through lunch time which is always a bonus and don'y have the usual desire to cook for my partner which is my usual down fall, I can do so well all during the day but goes to pot in the evenings. Just gotta get through tonight and it can only get easier.


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5.4 down 16 days to go

Got on the scales this mornin and they are now by best friend. Scales showed 177.6lbs, so this is 1.6lbs higher than my lowest weight. If I can get below this by the weekend I will be so happy as this is my danger time and need all the help I can get


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Well done Gemma... I want to lose 10lbs in 10 days... doubtful but I'm trying my hardest to get into a belly dancing costume on the 14th!!
I keep blipping too but determined to get it down before the 14th!
Let us know if you make it........ it's good to have ambitious goals!!
:) xx


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Stayed the Same- 15 days to go

Did so well all during the day and then decided to have a small chicken salad in the evening, well this turned into a large chicken and bacon salad :mad: Scales have stayed the same which is better than a gain gonna be really good today and drink ALOT of water to get things going.

LoveIt- I would so love to do belly dancing how long you been doing it for, good luck with your goal.


Me on the right! x
hey Gemma - ha I don't do belly dancing... wish I did though!! I've just got a costume for a friend's 21st b'day party that I've arranged! I ordered it back in week 2 when I was being good and losing weight... I've been BAD ever since!!! Not good!
I'm sooo with you though on the small salad turning bad! I always add seeds and advacado... all 'good' fats but soo not allowed on CD!!

So how are you doing? I have 9 days left now and still 10lbs to lose....hmmm... doubtful!! :) xx


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Got nine and a half pound left to lose,can do the day times no problems but the evenings are so hard.

Stick with it though you may surprise ya self


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Don't Ask- 14 days to go

Had a relapse last night that ended in a chip butty and some take away curry.

I know why I had the chip butty- I was starving needed a shake and popped round my sisters and coz I have no will power to wait I ate it- Am gonna start carrying a tetra with me to stop this

The Take-away- NO IDEA feel like an idiot and probably have put on some of the weight I lost.

MUST BE GOOD THIS WEEKEND am gonna do 810 me thinks.

Hope everyone is doing better than me.

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