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I'm definitely one of those classic up-yo Docters, I find myself managing to lose weight really well, then one thing goes wrong and it all goes pear shaped. I am yet again huge, I havent weighed myself as I suspect that I am at the largest that I have ever been.
I wrote a while back that I was intending to do something about it, and start the plan again, but naturally I didn't and I ended up.ignoring the problem and putting.even more weight on again.
I am really desperately trying to get the motivation up to try again. With any luck, writing my day to day feelings in regards to myself and how Im feeling will give me the motivation that I need.
I know how easy it is to follow the plan, Im aware of the results that I will see in myself once I have successfully changed my eating habits. I know that Im letting what I eat rule how oblige my life and see myself, but I seem to have trouble trying to put this into action.
Maybe it is cos, when I look in the mirror what I see doesn't look to bad, maybe it is a case of now Im married I don't need to work so hard to look attractive arggg
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