General W/C 2nd October 2006


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OMG October already where on earth does the time go!

Well Morning we go another week and loads to loose....weight wise!

Have a super day.

Aishoo, sniff, cough :eek:

Kam x + stinking cold! x
Morning Kam!
((hugs)) for your cold!

I'm going back on SS till thursday now.. have lost my ketosis adn can't cope with all the kids on my own this week and hunger that will likely lead to my nibbling! Yes i know myself. lol

Gotta get my butt in gear now... see you later! ((hugs))
Morning everyone!
The weather here is pretty pants ... grey, miserable and windy.
I'm keeping my youngest, Sophie, is off school as she is full of cold. She's been sucking lozenges and sniffing an inhaler stick all weekend: I'm hoping one more day will ease things because I'm back at Uni tomorrow and don't really want to miss a lecture.

I'm going to tackle my ironing pile in a little while and then run a hoover round: I have Uni work to do too but I seriously can't settle down with a book knowing that the Mt Everest of creased clothes sits in my kitchen and neither could I read with a carpet covered in bits screaming at me.

It was a bit of a 'non-event' kind of a weekend. I had sore 'pecs' (although they're easing today): I know what did it ... I was on the lats machine at the gym on Friday and struggled to pull the bar down to my chest about a dozen times before I remembered I hadn't checked the weight on it and realised I was hauling 60lb!! Move over Arnie!

At some point today, I have to go and sit in a public place such as a bus station, a market or a cafe and write notes about people, sounds, smells etc for an English assignment. I'll have to be discreet: I don't want someone coming over and punching my lights out for spying on them!! :p

Have a great day everyone!
Morning all
Hi Kam hope cold soon clears up {{{HUGS}}}

Hi ther PH just read on another thread that you had a good AAM week sometimes I am so pleased to get back to SS so not to have to worrie about food,Hope you have a good weighin and a good week {{{HUGS}}}

Hi Russiandoll.
Hope Sophie feel better soon,I must get of this chair and do my ironing to,also got to go and get some passport kind photos done should go early in case local thingy is not working and I have to get the bus to town.
Oh babe be carefull with the weights you do hot want to do yourself more harm then good.
Hope you enjoy playing 007 hehehehe

Well I did not do much over the weekend,what a mixture of weather we had,went out with Belle[my dog] and at one stage got cought in hail stones the size of marbles,sheltered in shop doorway but was like walking on pebbles.It is bright and windy at mo.although we did have heavy rain about 5.30.
Must go and have shower and get going or will still be sitting hereaat lunch time.No I will not as will need to wee soon 1.5ltrs water and large mug coffee so will not sit here long hehehehe
Hope everyone has a good day.
Thanks Libbie & Purple Hugs,

Poor Sophie Debbie hope having an extra day off helps. Feel guilty as sent both my boys in with colds but no temp. Half expecting a call to pick Oliver up he was quite sniffy! BUt keen to go to school.

As for ironing....rather you than me did mine all last night 3 hours of it where does it all come from! Thinking I was on top of it all I went to put some clothes in the washing basket and it was full!!!:mad: The boys had put in their clothes from yesterday...worn for no more than 2 hours! as both decided to put pj's back on and slob in bed! So I've taken them out and hung them back up! Plus there was a load of socks...still rolled up and unworn! lazy lumps I asked them to put away instead they stuck them in the laundry!

Just phoned and made Drs appointment going at 11.50 this morning.

Weather here is lovely! shock horror its sunny & warm....but rain and high winds forecast later :( which as ever will happen the minute I step in the playground!

Diet wise...mmm not the best weekend alot of comfort eating has seen the scales shoot up a fair few pounds :eek: so back on track this morning. I think I have a chocolate allergy ever time I ate some over the weekend I went all dizzy and felt sick. Had a hot choc pack though and was fine with that...weird! Not sure how I'll be with CD bar have to get one and see.

Right got to take Sophie to playgroup then quick dash to Brantano to get trainiers for DH his have now fallen apart totally and he's refusing to pay out for anymore so I thought I'd just get them. He was so good to me all weekend he deserves something....even though he was crawling alot! Things not been good for a while but getting back to normal slowly.

Have a good one all...

Kamilla xx
Back from GP's.He thinks I've just got a very bad migraine brought on by the GA I had 4 weeks ago. Given me various tablets to try...LOL 4 different prescriptions if they don't work I need to go back. So just taken the first dose of num 1 presecription which is a course of just 2 tablets. If that doesn't work I need to go back to the chemist and collect next prescrition etc...

Debbie....lovely to have a natter this morning...I could have chatted to you for hours! But had to pick up Sophie...:eek: I was late!! Hope you didn't mind me calling.

Where are all the Wemitts?? Barb hope you had a good anniversary, Texasgirl where are you? Ann hope your having a good time and you too Sharon....I know you'll check in!!

Off for a nap on the sofa while Sophie watches Cinderella for the 100th time!

Kamilla x
I stand here triumphant at the summit of Mt Ironing Pile having conquered it via the difficult North face! ;)

Not a scrap of ironing left in the house ... but as I speak the tumble drier is humming away with the next lot waiting to be 'stored' until I get around to it again. It's like painting the Forth Bridge isn't it!! :)

Kam - it was a JOY chatting earlier! Sorry if I held you up a bit but as you've discovered, I can talk for England. I'm chuffed to bits that you called and look forward to another impromtu natter before we meet again in Birmingham :D

I did my ironing listening to music on my new ipod shuffle (thanks BBFM! ;) ). I downloaded lots of disco music on it so I can get into character and practice my disco diva moves before November! Bet you just can't wait to see this old hack shaking it on the dance floor in sequins and lycra!! LOL
Even funnier will be seeing Steve in John Travolta mode (keeping my eye open for a white suit!!) What a sophisticated pair we'll make :p

The DVD I ordered arrived today: it's Shakespeare's HAMLET with none less than Mel (sex on legs) Gibson in the leading role.
Even if you're not into Shakespeare, it's a worthwhile watch just to see those smouldering eyes .... Oh 'to be or not to be - that is the question' <sigh!>

I know what I'm going to be watching later!! (all in the name of broadening my cultural horizons of course) ;)

Have a good one peeps!
Hi Everyone, better late than never! i had a great weekend and am now wising up to the fact that it is just 12 days till we go on holiday! Yipes, I have been so slack lately. Still been to work today then for a swim and this afternoon went and bought a couple of pretty evening jackets for me to swan around deck in! Hope you are feeling better Kam, maybe the first tabs will do the trick and you will start to feel better, hope so. Debbie, your ironing skills amaze me, bet you couldn't do mine that fast, perhaps you should pop round and have a go, I know you love a challenge. LOL.
Nothing exciting to report so abck to the dreaded housework I think!
AISHOO...........COUGH...........SNIFF............OMG I feel so yuk! in fact totally rough. Well took the tablets and......................nothing!!! still got this pounding headache now combined with the cold from hell. I feel totally yuk.
So feeling so yuk I was very naughty last night! Won't go into what I ate but it was all bad!
Be back later just seen the time :eek: need to sort kids out for school.

Kam xxx

Sorry for the long silence. Hope Kam & Sophie are feeling better. This will have to be very quick, am only at work today, then tomorrow & Thurs am at home revising & Friday is my exam.

Very quiet on here as AKB, Summer & Ann are on hols and I will be from Saturday first thing! Sooooooooo can't wait!

Have packed most of the bits I bought on Saturday... I shouldn't be allowed to shop in London! (bought 2 dresses & 2 jumpers). Hope you both loved the Globe & exploring London Irene & Cat! Lovely to see you both again...

Love xxx
We loved the Globe and it poured and there was thunder and lightning so great dramatics. Sat there in awe. And the play was good too (Antony and Cleopatra)

Irene xx
Hello all!
i've been a busy bunny, playing with my new Dyson! lol it's playing havoc with my life! I keep wanting to hoover! lol

Had a bit of an accident though.. the cylinder part that stores the dust (the dust you DON'T ever really want to see lets face it... I took it off to empty it and accidentally pulled the release button too... so yep you guessed it ended up with dust all over my hall! :rolleyes: lol won't be doing that again!

Am down another lb today and looking healthier in ketosis now. Might have my fish tonight after all :)

Taking Erin to the library 'award' presentation tonight for the reading challenge she completed. :) will be nice. :)
apart from that, really not much on.

Kam - hope you feel better soon hun! nothing worse than feeling that lousy.
Thanks PH, Anja & Barb,
OMG I'm so bored!! Feeling very FAT! as eaten way too much lately all in the name of comfort! (really not my best move the scales don't lie...yes I have put on this week :( )! TOTM due, cold getting worse by the minute and I've got a mouth full of ulcers!:( and just want to curl up in bed but have to look after Sophie. So going to stick on Mary Poppins, get the my duvet, a nice hot cup of choc! made with a pack of course and snuggle down with Sophie.....bliss....aishoo, cough & splutter!
Signing off. Hope you Wemitts are all well. your email thinking of you.
Kamilla xx

Hi everyone

Its so cold today isn't it. Hope everyone is feeling great and that everyone is having good losses this week.

I had some brilliant news on Saturday, I lost 6 pounds and I am now officially "overweight" who would have throught it on the 30th January when I started this crazy diet that by October I would have lost 8.5 stone - a whole person :eek: scary when you think of it like that aint it.
That's not scary Jellybabe.. that's AMAZING!!! Well done!!! :D
A major achievement making it to overweight too. :) Bet your pics tell a fantastic story! have you posted any yet? Would love to see them. :)

Kam - hope your hot choccy and mary poppins hits the spot. ;) gargle salt water for your ulcers (i know.. but it does work).

I'm home alone with the girls tonight.. as graham is on a different course this evening. He's running it with a Social worker. It's for prospective foster carers.
I'd forgotten he'd be in and out in a flash. :rolleyes: We're one of those weird couples who miss each other when we're apart! lol

I'm off to make a shake. Have just put the heating on, for the first time this autumn. It is mighty cold .and meant to be down to about 6 degree's around our way tonight. brrr.. lol
Hi everyone
Just a quickie before I go and do dinner. I can barely type as I've been standing at the edge of a cold netball pitch cheering my Sophie on in her weekly inter-school tournament. Im freeeeezing and my fingers are numb!!

Thanks for the email Kam - you 'grounded' me and helped me see sense (for everyone else - I had a silly blip but it's no great biggie). BTW Kam - have you taken Echinacea before? I find it fabulous for beating off all those cold bugs.

I had 'creative writing' at Uni today ... I LOVE that module: I can really be 'arty farty' and get all poetic. It's brill!
Afterwards, I did an hour in the Uni gym working off my 'contraband' :eek: then drove home and nipped round to my favourite charity shop in the whole wide world to buy a pair of 'leather-look' trousers I'd seen there.

I didn't buy them before because I didn't know where I'd possibly wear something like that but I might be going out on the razzle on Saturday night and thought they would be suitably tarty for the occasion!! :D

I haven't tried them on yet though ... they might look awful so watch this space!

PH - I wonder why they make the cylinder of the Dysons see-through? Maybe so you're forced to empty it often! :p Don't chuck the dust away though - according to Margery Dawes it's a fantastic dietary aid!! ;)

JellyB - Well done on being overweight! I can't wait ... only 2 more points on the BMI scale to go!

Hope you all had a great day!
:eek: EEEwwww what sort of dietry aid???:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
it was good for my diet though.. as i had to hoover it up again after i'd spilt it! :rolleyes: :eek:

Graham is dying of shock at the fact, I've got 3 kids (can't count the teen as she's never here these days) 2 of whom are under 2, and i'm still kicking the house into shape! lol did floors, kitchen drawers, cupboards etc today.... all in the name of keeping busy! lol stops that biscuit jar calling me though! lol

Tomorrow.. I have a support group to attend (foster carers talking about our 'troubles' etc regarding kids). And after that it's the windows - insides only though I don't do ladders! :p
That'll be the day done then. lol
:eek: EEEwwww what sort of dietry aid???:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Haven't you heard of Margery Dawes and the Fat Fighters slimming club in 'Little Britain'?? DUST was something members were allowed to have because of its low cal content!! LOL :D :D

I also liked her ethos on high cal food such as cake ....

..... you have half the amount which means half the calories - and because it's 'half the calories', you can have twice as much!! ;)
don't watch little britain.. am a bit funny about what i call humour! lol I know most of britain do, but it's not my cup of tea. :rolleyes:

But i like the last saying... mmmm might go and have some cake! lol

Only kidding! :p ;)