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General WeMITT Thread - Week commencing 19th Feb 2007


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hello wemitts!

i hve been keeping myself busy decorating and trying to work out how to buy a house i want lol. cant speak for the rest. wherever they r, i hope it dont involve food :eek:

hope everyone is having a good week so far



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hi, I'm around but have been really ill and so has rachel. got to 2 stone 5 on Monday and at monthly doctors check today they show another 2lbs gone and that's in aam week so I am thrilled.


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well done emma!!! sorry to hear u r poorly tho :(


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Well folks, I MADE myself get on the scales for usual Friday morning weigh in. I didn't want to at all.
Well, I know it's not all fat, but I've managed to put 13lbs on IN A WEEK!! So now the good time I had in Prague is official! Those Czech breakfasts were worth it though.
Back to the real world now. Going to eat sensibly this week, and stop the alcohol. See how much has shifted by next Friday, and then decide how to tackle the rest. 13lbs in a week - is that some kind of record???!!!
Ann xxx


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Right. I'm back on the wagon for the last 60lbs (56lb to be precise). It is day 2 and I've been excellent. I am going to ramble on here becasue at this time of night I am tired and hungry - my ketosis hasn't kicked in yet. I have just added to my own thread - dull but necessary. Cleaned my kitchen AGAIN and snogged my man to pass the time (well not all of it...). I need to get back to my LL frame of mind where I cleaned, posted on DH to avoid the temptation of food and nibbling. I am aiming for Monday - yes Monday. I should be in ketosis by Monday as I started on Thursday and am goint to treat myself to a haircut when I make it. I am determined to do it - I want to wear lovely clothes and a nice dress at the prom since i am forced to go to it! I want to look classier than those 16 year olds.... I can do this. When Irene gets back from her holiday I am going to enlist her also. Watch this space....


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
welcome back ann! good luck on dealing with the 13lbs. hey, if u r gonna blow it, may as well do it in fine style! :D hope u enjoyed ur birthday xxxxxxx
Hi all,

Trauma in our family. I'm going to be an auntie.

Don't congratulate me. My parents are very, very upset. My brother seems possibly to be happy despite loathing all children all his life, (hard to tell as we can't get him separately to talk to, a bit late now anyway!) He's been dating this girl 9 years & engaged since 2000 but they went through some times where my brother loathed her and I'm pretty sure was seeing someone else. Every time he tried to break up with her she would cry and drive home. She manipulated him & wore him down. They moved into a rented house last January and we've been waiting praying that this wouldn't happen. My mum is Christian and is very upset that they won't be married but since she doesn't particularly like the girl or think she's right for him so doesn't like the idea of that either so who knows? My brother only earns about 18 grand (he's 28) so with rent, commuting to London, food & bills I really don't see how he can possibly afford this. My dad can see a future of being asked to help with money and after they got off the phone last night it was like a wake. Desolation, foreboding, fear and despair. I think he's made a huge mistake.


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I have been there. My mum and dad were mortified about my pregnancy and they live on the other side of the world! I promised them I wouldn't tell anyone I was pregnant etc etc until an old school friend tracked me down....

Give your brother support and his lady friend too -- it may be the making of them and remember 'it takes a village to raise a child', if things are not stable at home this child is going to need it else where. That said, I can fully appreciate your concerns about their relationship/finances etc, maybe they could start some kind of family counselling prebirth so they are prepared for every or any eventuality. Best of luck to you Anja and I hope that you can all pull together as a family.xx
Thank you , sage advice. Don't get me wrong, my parents aren't "embarrassed/mortified". My mum knows enough about the living arrangements that go on these days, she just thought she'd raised us to believe in marriage better than that. They've been engaged 7 years, she thought they'd be married before this happened. My parents and I are much more upset at who the mother is, not about the baby. We'd been hoping for a long time that he'd dump her & now we'll be cemented to her for life.
Of course we'll rally round, he's family and I'm sure the baby will be lovely BUT we're just so sad that this has happened. (One concern - we're twins, but hopefully that won't happen.)


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
i think twins generally skip a generation so i wouldnt worry too much about that. Hopefully this happening will improve ur parents relationship with the woman in question.

Im not really sure what to comment with regards to the rest because I am very aware that families and friends rarely really understand what goes on in a relationship.

my ex used to have affairs and treat me quite badly..mostly with the aid of head games but he took great joy in reporting any of my outbursts and upset about any of this and somehow managed to omitt why i had behaved like this!! At one point i had a nervous breakdown and he took this as an opportunity to tell everyone how mad I am etc (cant argue against that too strongly tho :eek: ). he really made me sound like a gibbering nutcase and i had no idea he was doing any of this...until i fell pregnant. he left me for someone else when i was 3 months pregnant and told everyone the baby wasnt his bah blah...(mostly cos he didnt want his new girldfriend to know he had been with me when he was seeing her) and all of this only came to light because his family wanted contact with the baby. we had basically all been duped by him and made to believe different things.

im not in any way suggesting ur brother is anything like my ex. im just saying that its not always evident what is really happening in a relationship. u only hear one side and become protective of that person as they r already the closest one to you.

my husband now...in the start of our relationship, he did some things he shouldnt have (nothing serious, mostly just being a lying sod lol) but it broke trust and he started telling his sister how i had looked thru his emails and how much it had annoyed him. didnt say why i mistrusted him and now she treats me as though i need pity for being insecure. god it drives me barmy whilst he is all innocent, of course :rolleyes: lol.

on the other side of the coin...i HATED my sister in law for 10 years...as did my parents and sister (tho none of us knew how others felt cos we were all quiet and civil about it). she was rude, snide and back stabbing. it was nothing my brother told us that led to this...it was purely how she was when we were around. all said and done though...no matter how much she manipulated and lied to my brother...we all stood back and left him to it. he had every opportunity to leave her if he had really wanted to and we would have backed him up. just had to let him make his own mistakes. just like they all did with me and i made PLENTY of mistakes before any of my family had the pieces to pick up. sounds like this is how ur folks have been which is good.

Im sorry that this isnt good news for any of you but i really hope it helps the relationships get some kind of understanding and common ground. I know it did in my case. most of all...i hope ur brother is happy with the news. god knows me and my hubby have loathed eachother at times but i figure thats all relationships??

maybe this isnt helpful but just wanted to offer a different view that maybe if she is a witch, she has her reasons...not assumingly by ur brothers doing. or she could just be a right cow...in which case i hope pregnancy and motherhood will mellow her!!