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General WeMITT Thread week commencing 8 October 2007

how brilliant!!

I lost 5lbs in the 4 days since starting the diet (the booking in went odd so it was only a 4 day thing on the first week - now it is monday to monday) so we are both going in the right direction!

Well done :)


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Well done Irene

Great to see you doing so well, I have restarted as well so I will keep you posted and keep checking on your progress. We could do really realy well before xmas !!!




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I also have restarted again SSing weigh in is tomorrow:eek:

Just wishing I stay on the wagon this time...:eek:

Love Mini xxx


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Good luck Mini

How much do you want to loose before xmas this time ~ are you trying to stick to SS (I think its the only way!!)

Another new week starting and hope everyone is doing well.

I had a new start last Monday weighing in at 18 st 7 lb and this morning I am 17 st 13 1/2 lb so a loss of 7 1/2 lb and I am delighted.

Irene xx
Irenen that's fantastic!!! Well done you! :D What a boost to drop down into that next bracket.

Good luck on your new start Mini - I'm cheering you on all the way!

Good luck to all wemitts for a successful week ahead, whatever plans you're on :)


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Good luck Mini

How much do you want to loose before xmas this time ~ are you trying to stick to SS (I think its the only way!!)

Hi Shaza,

I am aiming for three stone off for Christmas and I am sticking with SSing. I think doing 790 helped me get back into it again.

8lbs. off for my first week back:)

Good luck on your new start Mini - I'm cheering you on all the way!

Good luck to all wemitts for a successful week ahead, whatever plans you're on :)
Thanks Debbie:)

As the Wemitts motto says....We do mean it this time.:grouphugg:


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Well done Irene, you sound like the Euro Diet is just what you were looking for. Haven't popped in on this thread for ages, got too obsessed with my food diary I think!

There is definately an air of optimism on Minimins lately and I like it. I want to feel like we can all do it and better still we can do it together!!!

Keep going fellow wemitts, we are deffo on a roll!!
Just thought I'd come on here to have a bit of a moan. This is something I've always felt quite strongly about ....

When I was 22st, I knew I was big. But I was also aware that there might be someone who was once 30st who had dieted DOWN to 22st and so I never described myself as 'an ugly fat mammoth' or 'a disgusting whale' or 'gigantic blob' or anything like that because I might be offending someone. I felt it was ok to say 'I felt bad at that weight' or mention the things I was unable to do or say I didn't like what I saw in the mirror but I didn't attach a horrible insult to my weight.

I still find it quite hard to read about someone who describes themselves as 'a huge ugly monster' or similar when they weigh 13 or 14st ... a weight still way below where I am now. Blimey - if they're 'huge' at 13st, what does that make me?? I'm not talking about people who say they FEEL huge - but those who say they ARE huge.
Being overweight myelf makes me acutely aware of the feelings of others and how, if I attach a nasty adjective to my top weight, I might be trashing someone's achievement because up to that point, they felt good about dieting DOWN to where I was. Do you know what I mean?

Groan over and off my chest! :)


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I totally get where you are coming from on this one Russiandoll

Surely as an agreeable person you should never diss a weight ~ dont judge people by there waist size is an excellent quote. I don't think people mean to offend but I have lost around 6 stone and now weigh 18 stone. I know that is awfully bad and I should be ashamed and tortured for getting myself to such a weight ~ but I am proud to be that as I have worked damned hard to get DOWN to that. And actually I think I look pretty good and not at all whale like, and if I choose to stay at this weight (even though I know its bad for my health to be obese blah blah blah) then thats my decision and please respect me for it. In the big scheme of things its only a number I for one have alot more difficult issues than what I weigh to deal with on a day to day basis.

Of course it goes without saying that everyone of us looks alot better for loosing the excess weight ~ younger happier fitter all of the above but if you are extremely large it is very soul destroying to think that even after all your efforts and maybe after loosing 6 stones people may still perseve you as BIG FAT AND UGLY or WHALE LIKE ~ not nice at all

I have problems when women (sorry fellas but it does seem to be mostly women) really insult themselves regarding their weight especially calling themselves ugly. Yes you can be big and fat indeed you are its a fact but that doesnot automatically make you ugly. I think many larger ladies and indeed men are gorgeous and many many of us find chunky people very attractive. Its all about how you feel inside, I agree with Russiandoll please do not bring yourself down ~ look at what you have got and how you treat other people and the difference you make to this crazy world not what number appears on a scale and of course try to never forget that you may indeed be 13 or 14 stone and think that is disgusting but I for one cannot wait to be that ~ bring it on !!!

Ugly is from within ~ not what you weigh

Rant over Sorry
I remember long ago when I used to be 7 1/2 stone way back in 1972 putting 1/2 stone on and going to a slimming club and probably most people would have looked at me and thought why is she here. Then when I joined SW and WW with many stones to lose (over the years have joined and rejoined them both many times) I would see people with about a stone to lose who didn't look as though they needed to lose any and would feel the same about them as people thought about me.
it's a strange world.

Irene xx
I can totally relate to what youre saying RD. I see people on here who complain about their weight and I think I CANT wait til I weigh that.

One of the reasons I dont go to WW classes was having such a massive amount of weight to lose, I got totally disheartened at seeing people there who moaned about how fat they were and how they couldnt fit into their jeans, while standing there with tight tops and cropped jeans on. I actually felt embarrased at being there, which was ridiculous, it was people like me who NEED to be there not them.

Its something I think Ill always be concious of as my weight does go down, not to make derogatory comments about my higher weight levels (which one day Ill disclose and shock you all lol)

One day Id love to run a WW class for people who start off having at least maybe 3 stones to lose.
You've lost an AWESOME amount already Starlight - what an inspiration you'd be running a class of your own!!


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I agree I used to go to Slimming World but the slighty overweight people used to give me the hump, on saying that my daughter is the same check her photo out of my photo thingybob. She has been terribly bad and gone from a size 8 to a size ten now (I told her she is getting a womans body now that she is 28 for goodness sake) and she is gutted.

Thank god she has taken my advise which is "NEVER START SLIMMING, or you will just get fatter and fatter, keep an eye on your weight by healthy choices, portion control and exercise. Wish someone had told me that when I was a size ten ~ then again I probably wouldnt have listened.

Anyway starlight ~ I think you and me would make excellent CDC as we can empathise with people with lots of weight to loose and they are just like me and you and need help.

This site and Ann are the only people who know my starting weight even my hubby and kids will never be told ~ too ashamed so I too know what that feels like starlight. When I went to WW the first week I got slightly sympathetic looks from all the "skinnys" so never went back. Silly really but we are who we are

Aren't human beings strangely wonderful !!!
It's not so much the 'few pounds to lose' brigade that bothers me but the 'few pounds to lose brigade' that call themselves huge that get up my nose. It's insulting when someone of 11st describes themselves as 'massive'.

I remember at Rosemary Conley once, a woman got her 1st certificate AND her goal certificate on the same night. Oh to have only 1st to lose in total to get to goal!! :rolleyes: