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  1. palmettofairy

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    I have discovered I have gallstones and the doctor suggested one of the reasons they formed was because I was on a VLCD. Apparently people on a vlcd have an increased chance of them forming (this was gathered on both American and British sites so please dont get touchy and dismiss it. It was actually on an nhs page as well!) I did some research on the internet and read somewhere (sorry I cant find the page now!) that taking psyllium husks like Westhills reccommends can help prevent them. So keep drinking that water and take those husks.

    I myself have decided that vlcds are not for me and my body chemistry. Whether I have gallstones because I am overweight or because I was on a vlcd, doesnt much matter. I just dont think someone who has had gallstones should be on a vlcd if they increase your chance of forming more stones.

    Good luck to all you dieters...but take those husks and drink that water!!!!!!:)
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  3. KD

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    I've had a couple of gallstone attacks.

    I spoke to the consultant at some length about whether or not VLCD's precipitate them. He said probably not. He went on to say that it would be incredibly difficult to prove anyway as most gallstone problems happen to women in their 40's, and most women in their 40's are on all sorts of diets anyway.

    He also said that out of the hundreds of patients that he sees each year, I was the only one he knew of that had done a VLCD :D

    My second bad attack happened just a couple of weeks ago. Again, a different consultant didn't think it was VLCD related. I said that I had read about it a lot on the internet and he laughed.

    Again he said "how on earth can they prove that??"They reckoned the cause this time was due to me eating badly after following a healthy diet. My body suddenly sent my gallbladder/bile whatever into overdrive.

    Both consultants were very happy that I had done a VLCD, as they said that should I need an op, it was going to be so much easier now I had lost the weight.

    So I guess the jury is still out on this one.

  4. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Good advice to take the husks and drink the water.
    Hope I don't get them. Have a very low pain threshold.


  5. skinnymongoose

    skinnymongoose Full Member

    My sister did a vlcd for 3 months last year and now blames this for her gallbaldder probs. She has had a bad time over the months, had another nasty attack on Xmas Eve, and is on the list to have her gallbladder removed in March. TBH it has really scared me and put me off VLCD'ing for months! Which is a pity as I really need to lose quite a lot of weight!!

    So I was very interested to hear what your consultants have said Karion, and somewhat reassured. Did you have any attacks whilst you were actually ON the diet, or only afterwards?

    I would so like to be able to push this fear to the back of my mind and just get on with SS'ing! I know how unhealthy my excess weight is.
  6. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    My mum had gallstones, and she has never been overweight, never followed a diet, VLCD or otherwise, doesnt really drink etc.

    Gallstones are supposed to be more common on a vlcd, however, I think a lot of people overweight will have them as a diet high in fats is a major cause, so do we stay overweight and risk, or lose the weight and maybe have a risk??

    I have suffered from a Hiatus hernia in the past and know how painful it is, and would not like at all to have gallstones, my weight would have contributed to my hernia, and almost certainly would contribute to any gallstones I may or may not have.

    I do admit that the gallstones was a worry for me, however the pros of losing the weight outweighed the pros of being obese.

    Now, I have also been told that they can be hereditary which scared me again, but I have done CD and lost the weight.

    For me it was a case of pros and cons, I cant rule out the fact I may get gallstones, neither though could I stay overweight and have all the other health risks.

    Im scared I may get gallstones, I too have a low pain threshold, but I had to lose the weight.

    I guess as KD says the jury is out but its a personal choice while they are.
  7. palmettofairy

    palmettofairy Full Member

    I really did not want to start a debate or make people worry. I actually dont see much of a debate as people who know more than I do about medicine (my doctor, the NHS and Vanderbuilt University to name a few) have said that VLCD increase your chance of gallstones. So what? So does being "fair, forty, and female" according to my surgeon. The point is that drinking lots of water and taking psyllium husks are believed to counter that risk. That was my point, to please do these things as a preventative measure.

    I moisturise my face to prevent wrinkles, I brush my teeth to prevent cavities, wash my hands to prevent colds. If someone would have said that vlcd increase your chance of gallstones and there was a way to minimise this risk, I would have dont it. I am not saying the diet is bad, just that there might be side effects that one can mitigate against.
  8. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Deffo, and your advise is spot on, I actually took psilly husks on russian dolls advice for toilet troubles and your post has made me feel better, I hope people starting now read this for advice.

    Great Post Palmetto, and I hope you didnt think I was being touchy, and I deffo wasnt dismissing it, I was worried very much about gallstones, so was my mum on my behalf. Think your advice is fab x
  9. palmettofairy

    palmettofairy Full Member

    Oh, please dont think I was being snippy. I just hate too much debate because some people might worry and get confused as what to do.:eek: I really dont want people to worry or be that bothered. I know that when I started the diet, I heard way too many negative things from friends and family and I certainly dont want to add to it. Yet, I dont want anyone else to have problems if they can be prevented. I really was excited about vlcd and wish I could still be on it so I feel quite strongly about not putting people off. But I do want people to just be aware and take those husks! I might be a wee bit overprotective...There is a reason my friends call me Big Momma Kris (and that was before I put on weight and became literally a "big" momma!:p )
  10. skinnymongoose

    skinnymongoose Full Member

    I agree with Canireallydothis that you've given good advice. I am going back on CD on 29th Dec and will take the PH religiously now that you've highlighted the issue. I'm glad you did. Also agree with Canireallydo this about all the other risks of being overweight, I have to get rid of the weight now, I have stu**ed around for far too long, playing roulette with my health.
    I will just have to put my sister's probs to the back of my mind, think positively and get on with it!
  11. magickmel

    magickmel Loves VLCD's !

    Lighter Life and now CD
    Hi Palmettofairy,
    I am really glad that you have your diagnosis, I remember your liver tests worried you. Will you have your gallbladder removed ?

    I think you have given good advice, it isn't hearsay, its what happened to you and what the medical advice was. I am glad to say that I had mine out in 2003 as I had one huge gallstone sitting in the gallbladder. So glad I haven't got that one to worry about. It was keyhole surgery and I was in and out in 24 hours so if you do have to have it done it isn't too bad !
    Take Care
  12. sonkie

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    Many people have gallstones and dont realise they have them until they play you up. I had bad attacks due to them, but its because of a diet high in fat, was told to reduce my fat intake to cease the attacks. I cant see how eating a low calorie diet can form gallstones, but if you start eating again after abstaining for months and that if you already have gallstones, then this re-feeding will probably start flare ups of gallbladder pain.
  13. FatFairNForty(ish)

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    hence my name honey - I had gallstones and had never been on a VLCD at that time in my life.. lol.. mine were due (I would hazard a guess) to my crap diet of fried food, takeaways and fast foods.. lol

    WHatever caused them I was glad when they whipped out my gall bladder!! :eek:
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