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george foreman grills..

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In addition to my special edition black acti-dry i'm getting for xmas, and my black slowcooker, i'm wandering about a small 2 portion george forman grill (in black :D)

its on offer in my tescos for£17.95

just wandered what you all thought, as it'd be great for steaks etc. x
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S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Are they really that good? I feel like my kitchen appliance fetish is getting out of control lol. I just want life to be as easy, yet as healthy as possible..
plus, i want to be as prepared as possible for when me and Oh move out. i don't want to have to buy loads of stuff aswell as paying loads out the minute we move into our own place..

my other Q was, the 2 portion ones look bloody tiny, and i honestly don't think i'd manage mine and Oh's dinner in it :O LOL
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I've got a GF that I don't use cos it's such a hassle to wash. My friend has one, different make, Asda own I think, where the plates come out and can be washed, oreven dishwashed! Worth looking at how easy they are to clean.


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I think the earlier version of the GF grill had fixed plates so you can't take them out to wash. This is what mine is like but it's not a problem - I just wipe them down with kitchen roll. i'm pretty sure the newer versions have removable plates though.

I use it mostly for meat free sausages but do sometimes slice quorn fillets and put them on, sprinkle with BBQ seasoning and hey presto home-made BBQ quorn strips at a fraction of the shop-bought ones. :D
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
OOO sounds yum, although i really don't like quorn other than mince..

however, i was thinking for chicken breasts, steaks, gammon etc? i can do all these on it right?
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I have one of the old style one,2 portion size and its about right for us,takes a couple of steaks or 4 burgers which is probably the most we do on it at any one time.
It is a pain to clean but i get around that by making it hubby's job!!!
my plates are removeable but i never remove them! i use those wipes (dettol/own shop brand) that clean it over and dry it off with kitchen towel. The trays that catch the fat are popped in the dishwasher - its so much faster cooking bacon, steaks, chicken breasts, sausages, i even put my sandwiches in with cheese and bacon and make a toastie - although this is not what its for! hehe!

have a look at this link - this is the size of my one!

Buy George Foreman Family Grill. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

Half price offers atm for Argos!! (i dont work for them!!!)



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I have the one with the flat plate on the side and we use it for everything - even frying eggs, mushrooms, etc

I just use the plastic scraper & dampened kitchen towel to clean mine


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Mines in the outhouse! It's a big one, would be ok in the garden in Summer! I used it all the time when I first got it, but it's keeping the juicer company! It doesn't have removeable plates and is a pain to clean as mentioned! BUT if you eat alot of chops and chicken breasts it is good. Actually I used to do alot of roast veg too, but it took too much room up when the novelty wore off :(


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i luv mine i use it all the time. my first one blew up then i got a pink one! dont think they make them anymore but they are great! i think it was when companies were making all gadgets pink and well i am a bit of a sucker! pink phone, pink ipod, pink tv, pink laptop with a pink mouse, pink ds lite, pink ps2, pink psp lmao!! i have them all! sad i know!

back to the point you can make most things on them in less time than normal grilling or oven! they can be a bit of a pain to clean if you make anything saucy on them tho! mine just lives out on the worktop beside the microwave, kettle and toaster thats how essential it is!


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