One Last Time.......
Morning hun!!!

Was fab talking to you last night!! We should defantley do it more often like i said.... I'll call you next time!!!!

This morning i'm 1lb away from the next stone!!! Hopefully will be there mtomorrow!! ALthough TOTM is tomorro :(
So i'll be beetch from hell !!!!!

Enjoy football hope they win!!!! I'm off to stand on the sidelines shortly catch you later
Oooooooh I best not speak to you until after totm! hahahhaa

Lovely chatting to you as always :D

You'll be into that stone soon, can feel it in my water :p

jacks footie not till 11 so have a lil while, the game is tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed for him lol

Good luck with your game too :D

Have fun!

Well just back from footie training... Alfie scored 2 so he is happy, and we have no game tomorrow!! But we are in 2 cup games the next 2 weekends so no pressure on our boys!!

House is lovely and quiet John is next door helping his dad (yes i live next door to my in laws!!! and love it!) The kids have just gone out with their friends mum and friend to the football club and will be back about 6.30.......... So what am i going to do?? Well washing machine is on, dishwasher has just packed up!!!! and i hear the hoover calling... If i do it all now i can snuggle in with john on the sofa later before fire breathing dragon lady appears (thats me on TOTM what John and kids nicknamed me!!)

Being really good... have just had a huge bowl of strawberries and muller light.... free food!