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Get Set...

Well I am (re)starting Cambridge SS day after tomorrow! Saw my lovely CDC today - finally met her after talking to her online for 2 1/2 years!!! Madness. Needless to say she is lovely So I think I am ready to go...

42 shakes/bars/tetras :cool:
Cambridge shaker :cool:
2L bottles of water :cool:
Paracetamol for headaches :cool:
Extra jumpers :cool:
Mini mouthwash for work :cool:
Oodles of Motivation :cool:
Peppermint tea bags :cool:
Nytol!! :cool::cool:

Anything I have forgotten?
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My husband = My hero

I can relate with nytol!!!

Good luck sweet, here's to a new you! Xxx
Should add that I am not seeing my CDC for 2 weeks - hence 42 shakes!!! I work 7.30am - 7.45pm so by the time I get home from work I need to go to sleep - which isn't always that easy on CD!!!!!


My husband = My hero
Mine is awful can lie awake til 2am easy an then the baby has ne up 5.30am - 6.30am if im lucky!

Does tend to settle down but would love my head to hit the pillow and that be it!! X
A friend of mine recommended it to me originally - I'm not a good sleeper at the best of times! Days 1-5 it's great because you can go to sleep and ignore the hunger and grumpiness, then after that I take it when I NEED to as I find Cambridge gives me so much more energy it's mad - combination of losing weight and buzz of ketosis :D
hi starlight, i remember you from a while back, im restarting tooafter playing around for a while and xmas overeating! back to ss for that last stone off! good luck hun, i never thought of nytol, what a gd idea.
I didn't either until like I said someone suggested it to me! Particularly as I am a night time picker - evenings are when most of my calories go in!!! So if I am asleep, I can't pick!!!

Good luck with getting the last stone off - hope it goes quickly for you
with me i can fall asleep but if i wake up that's it. over xmas being off cd and out of ketosis i slept for england, all the time. i even fell asleep on the sofa and kept getting woke up with kids hitting me in the face with toys. even went to bed at 9.30pm and slept til 7.30am. hubby got up with the kids. whereas last week i kept waking up at 5am. i remember getting up to go to m&s to get our xmas lunch stuff at 6am in the morning. was there shopping by 6.30am crazy!


addicted to minimins
Go go go! Don't let ANYTHING stop you. :)


please try again
lol nytol

i took it in the past, i didnt sleep but the hallucinations were sure interesting, lol

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