Get your naked people here

One of my favourite pub games is to tell people what your porn star name is!

IE the name of your first pet plus your mother's maiden name.

Mine is Delta Cole-Morgan but my favourite was my mate Bernie's cos his was Blackie Maloney!!! It just tickles me!


Oh and if we're playing the pub game (we play this in the staff room at school its hilarious!) then I'm Bonnie Little
Or if we were doing it with present names I'd be Basil White! OMG they get worse!

What about first car (model not make) & mothers maiden name?

Jazz White! erm....still no luck! sounds like a paint!
Ok, so on first pet's name I'd be Pepsi Newsway, current pet, Skye/Lara/Gracie/Pixe Newsway or first car Viva Newsway. I don't think I'd have got very far with any of those!!!!
OMG Issy

I am Johnny Holmes

For you innocents that won't mean much to you - but to you naughty folk from the 70's/80's - it is a real porn star!!
I was once cast for a blue movie, but the director said I only had a small part. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

dah dah

Alright, I'll stop now ;)