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  1. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Been trying to start from the 2nd Jan but been sidetracked by leftover xmas food. In reality, I've been eating all sorts as an excuse to delay starting this. Even jars of black olives. So tomorrow (6th Jan) is finally day 1! Start back at work so that will keep me busy.

    Start weight 14 stones. The heaviest that I have ever been :-( Look like **** and feel like ****, so it's time to get a grip!

    Bye bye fatty food, hello VCLD :)

    I'm the author of my own life. Time to write a success story...

    5ft1 14stones BMI 37

    I'll post pics when I'm allowed... Good luck to you too. We can nail this thing once n for all! X
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  3. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Welcome to the forum Trying hard. I think this time of the year is best for starting a new eating plan especially after all the over indulgence that goes with Christmas. Stay focused & the weight will soon start dropping off. The first days are the hardest but just keep in mind how good you will feel on your 1st week weigh in.
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  4. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Thanks S :)

    I'm already chewing my tongue and I haven't even started yet!!!
  5. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Here's my measurements:

    Waist 43 inches
    Belly 48 inches (yes, I measure my belly)
    Boobs 45 inches
    Under boobs 40 inches
    Hips 45 inches
    Thigh 27.5 inches
    Arm 15 inches
    Calf 17 inches

    So lets see this lard melt away!!!
  6. Shrimp

    Shrimp Gold Member

    I long the name!
  7. Shrimp

    Shrimp Gold Member

    Love the name
  8. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Good for you doing the measurements, I keep putting off doing mine but suppose I should take the bull by the horns & face up to it.
  9. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Thanks shrimp. God loves a trier!
  10. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    It's nice to see the inches disappearing when the scales don't move. Take ur measurements Mrs. U don't have to post them. Ul be surprised!
  11. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    I think I'll be more shocked than surprised lol. Will do them though.
  12. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Day 1

    First day back at work after 2 weeks off. Got my soups packed. Will have first sachet at lunchtime. Hope you have a great day :)
  13. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    So day 1 continued...

    Work was good. Nice to see the children and work colleagues. Good news is that everyone is on a diet so I won't stick out like a sore thumb!

    Had my first soup at lunchtime. Vegetable. Very nice. Had it in a bowl and ate it with a teaspoon to make it last longer! Felt satisfied...

    Quick visit to the dentist on way back from work. Have a real fear of those guys! Need to get treatment done so lots visits planned. God help him when my ketosis breath kicks in!

    So I'm going to have chilli for dinner then a bar later on.

    Sister coming round to visit in a bit. Had to make her some dinner (chicken curry!) no licking of spoons or fingers or sampling how well cooked the rice was (have myself a pat on the back for that!)

    Must drink more water tonight or ill be inviting the headaches over for a party!

    Was going to set my turbo up tonight but I think ill leave it. No time tonight :)

    I hope uv had a good day and are winning your weight war!
  14. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Most impressed that you didn't taste the curry. They smell so yummy. Your poor dentist lol. Well done for today
  15. chris8391

    chris8391 Full Member

    Well done Trying Hard. I find cooking for the kids hard, I just want to taste the food. Luckily the kids are tasting for me. Day 3 for me tommorow. Good Luck
  16. xsammiloux

    xsammiloux Full Member

    Well done Trying Hard 2014 ... the first few days are the hardest but your doing well so far :)
  17. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Thanks Chris! Good luck with Day 3, Tuesday is a great day :)
  18. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Thanks Sammi! It helps treading all ur diaries n seeing where ur all at :)
  19. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    High 5!

    I'm off to bed and I haven't had anything other than 3 products and water. YEEHARRRR :)
  20. Hendricks

    Hendricks Full Member

    Good work. Keep it up.

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  21. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi TH. Welcome and good luck on your exante journey.
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