Getting a little be stressed


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I know i shouldn't be, but its my WI tonight and last week i gained 1lb, and the two weeks before that i STS.

I will be so disappointed if i haven;t lost this week, i have been good, took lots more exercise, been really careful not to go over my syn limit....

Its the first time since i started SW, that i have felt like this, if fact i said to myself that if i haven;t lost i am leaving.... i know i won;t but thats how i feel at the moment.

Any advice......
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Do you know why you gained last week and STS the previous weeks?
Can't really help unless we know what you are eating, do you do food diaries? Has your consultant offered you any advice?


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Make sure you keep a food diary each week & also ask your consultant for a SAS log - I went through a ptach like this and mine persuaded me to fill one in, basically it is a more detailed look at what you are eating, you don't hand it in but normally you can see where you are going wrong ( I found my problem on day 3), have a word with them & see what they say, the other thing I do, but not everyone will agree with, is that when I get to this point I book a weeks holiday from class and just take a break for a week, no stress, no worrying and I have always gone back with a loss, never a gain.

Good luck & let us know how you get on.


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I think we all go through something like this. I've had some very low losses and STS and a few gains. Sometimes losses just seem to almost stop and I get quite fed up. However, I've always persevered and things have picked up again. Over time all the losses have added up and I'm 2st 8lbs lighter.

The great thing about SW that keeps me going is that I don't feel deprived. I just think that I've already lost so much weight, why ruin it all by giving up when I don't actually feel like I'm on a diet. I can still eat really great satisfying meals so it's not much of a hardship to keep going.

Also don't forget that you don't have much to lose now and it gets harder the less you have to lose. So just hang on in there and you'll get there in the end.


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S: 11st10lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(9.76%)
HI i have kept a diary this week using the one on SW website.

Think i may have to print out and have a really good look at it.

Will as my C for an SAS log tonight


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You can always post it to the diary section and we can all have a look at it for you if you want as well.


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Good luck for your WI, I'm sure you will be alright.


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Hope you get a nice drop this week :)


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Good luck at WI xx


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S: 11st10lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(9.76%)
back from WI with a 0.5lb loss, little gutted, but hey a loss is a loss...and i am moving towards athat stone award, only , only 1.5 lb to go...

Thank you all for you support and encourgement, i have paid for the next 6 weeks hopefully that will give me somthing to work on.

Thanks once again


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Well done on a loss. xx

You've only got a very small amount to lose which could explain why you're weight loss has slowed up.

I can understand how coming on here and seeing people talking about their large losses while yours is coming off slower can be disheartening but most people with bigger losses have got much more than you to lose.

You REALLY have done well so give yourself a well deserved pat on the back x


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A loss is a loss, so well done!!! :D xxx

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Well done on your loss this week Hun. As the others have really havent got that much more to loose so your body will be trying to hold on to what is left and make you work more to get rid. Perhaps thinkng about it, you may need to reconsider your target weight????