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Getting a stitch

I've been doing to the gym for a few months now and i still get a stitch when i try to run on the treadmill, could it because im trying to run too much for my body to handle? i have to stop and walk for a few mins for it to go, but its annoying :mad:

I've heard that a people who are out of shape get a stitch easily, but i've been upping my exercise so i thought it'd be fitter now. Well, fitter than i was but still unfit i guess!! :D
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try slowing your speed down to a steady jog.


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^^ All of the above. Avoid heavy meals before working out, slow down, and concentrate on your breathing- it should work?


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Hope this helps

Should you suffer from stitch, the first (and best) cure is to slow down or stop until the stitch is gone. If you do not want to stop, you can try to press your hand onto the part of your abdomen where the stitch is, and release the pressure on expiration. Repeat this several times.
Tim Quinlivan, a PE Teacher in Australia, has found the following method works well with his young athletes:

  • Slow your pace slightly
  • Grasp your side where you feel the stitch just under the bottom rib and half way across between the side and the belly button. Thumb to the rear and fingers to the front
  • Squeeze firmly and bend at the waist (45-90 degrees) while still running
  • After about 15 metres slowing straighten
  • The stitch should have gone
An alternative method based on the theory it is caused by the synchronisation of the movement of the organs and the diaphragm is to synchronise your breathing pattern with your running, and exhale/inhale when the foot on the non hurting side strikes the ground.
For example: if you have stitch in your right hand side, change your breathing pattern so you exhale/inhale as your left foot strikes the ground.


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