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Getting back on the diet wagon - please help

Grrrr!!! I've been such a muppet, after losing more than 4 1/2 stone this year, I've gone on a massive month long binge and put 9lbs of it back on. This puts me such a long way from target again, and I was creeping so close.
Have been and weighed in today and as of tommorow (I know it's always tommorow) I am gonna be back on that diet wagon!! Only I've said that the last 3 weeks. I need to do this, I was doing soooo well and I just don't know what happened.
Please, I'm just looking for support, encouragement, any advice, anyone who's been here before and more than anything just to be accountable to someone.
I'm gonna keep coming on here and updating on how I'm getting on, I know this isn't the place for a diary, but tbh I'm not really comfortable posting this on the cc forum coz that's not really what I'm doing anymore. So hopefully noone minds me posting here.
The aim is to get at least a stone off in time for my sister in laws wdding on september 21st, so that's 4 weigh ins. Know that's quite ambitious but figure I have been off track for long enough that I should be getting a first week weigh in figure to boost it.

Anyway, thank you for listening. I'm off to update my weights.:break_diet:
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Dextermummy it's so weird you writing that, I was only thinking last night of your post about your "top belly" and I was wondering if you'd lost it yet. Me neither, it's still there. :wave_cry: 9lbs is bloody annoying and as you know 5 is about the most to put back on without worrying.

So 9lbs is doable, your body will remember the way it was, a bit of exercise, some dedication and a nice fluid loss will get that off within the month. So start in the morning and forget about what's been happening this last month, deep breath, onwards and downwards. ;)
Thanks for the words of encouragement Faustina, nice to know I'm being thought of even when I've gone awol.
Anyway, good first day back on it, kept my calories real low, been for a nice long walk tonight and now treating myself to a skinny cow hot chocolate. Now all I need to rinse and repeat for the rest of the week then will hopefully have a nice loss to spur me forward.
hi, i am going on holiday for 5 days next week and although i am looking forward to it i am dreading the weight gain which i know is going to happen! we are on a life long battle. lets hope we can get to goal and stay there!! ;)

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