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Getting charged for GP's permission??


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Hi fellow CD'ers

Is this normal practice.. I have decided to re-start CD, but new CDC (rightfully so) asked questions about health etc.. said I needed to get permission from GP as I was on perscribed pain killers for a hip injury, which is currently being treated..

Called GP, and asked if I needed to make an appt or leave it with them, they then said that I'd be charged between £30 - £130!!! As it was seen as a private issue. Didn't think trying to improve your health, other then surgery was seen private. If I asked for some fat reducing pills, and as I'm on Tax Credit, I'd get those free, but being as I'm taking this on board myself and doing something without pills, I'm being somewhat discriminated against..

Is this normal???

Nikki x
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Hi Nikki :) Great to see you back hun! :):):) I have not ever heard of being charged for a Dr to stamp and sign a form. If I was you I would make an appointment with your regular Dr (or Dr who you like!!!) and take the form with you. Explain your issues with regard to your weight, then present the form. I did this and my Dr read, signed and dated my form there and then. My guess is, like many GP surgeries, you have a snooty receptionist!!! :) Hugs x x x


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I do know some doctors charge for this..but as emma said go to your gp...I did last night and he signed and did't even query it....the way I see it, is at least we're trying to do something about our weight and not ask for nhs surgery which is getting so common now x
they charge £15+ for signing anything at mine but not if you go and see them.
I havent heard of this just make the appt and ask the dr when ur in there i dont tend to tell the receptionists things and when i went in my dr was fine and signed it no probs x


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When i started i had to get signed off by doc as bmi was so high. I made an appointment to see him and presented the form to him whilst i was in there and he said he'd take it from me read over it sign it and i could return to fetch it 2days later it cost me £15. It annoyed me because it delayed me starting.

I think £30-£130 is taking the p!** and wouldn't agree to paying that much!!!


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It depends on the surgery. Most doctors agree that if you're doing something about your weight then thats a positive thing and so sign without question. Others seem to think cd is a quick fix that will fail and so to take up their time you should be charged......i personally think that the doctors are there to help us regardless of their personal opinion. Fingers crossed you don't have to pay. x


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hi Guys

Just to keep you updated on the charge for permission to do CD, if you are taking any perscribed meds.

I got charged £10, GP took it from me, in the appointment and classed it as private. Said if it would have been SW or WW, he wouldn't have charged. Hey ho.. paid it, and get my packs tonight and re-start in the morn. Started up a Sit Up Challenge thread if anyone is interested, tone while you loose!! Thanks for posting here girls. xx


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I think its disgusting he charged you anything! But at least you're all sorted now! Good luck! xx
Glad you got it signed... did my 20 sit-ups and hope I am able to do more tomorrow. LOL

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