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My weight-loss diary


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Wanted to introduce myself a little more so here goes...

I have always been big I was born a big baby, I went through school bigger than the average in my classes and was teased about until I was around 13. I started high school made lots of new friends but still got the odd name shouted at me. I had things thrown at me on the school bus and in school, things such as food half ate sandwiches, drinks bottle with the 'oi fatty' shouted to me. I had always tried to healthy eat but as a child it was so hard and being from a big family (8 kids) there was also something to tempt me.

So I left school at 16 after my GCSES and started college, I left college after my course at 18 and started weight watchers with my mum, I did really well lost 2 stone. Then my local meeting stopped and it completely put me off track. I then started my first job at 19 this soon ended at it was only temp. Then with employment being how it is it was a real struggle to get a job. So I was constantly bored and had nothing to do, so ate.

In Feb 2010 aged 20 I met my boyfriend now ex, who was also 20 who I knew since day one he was 'the one' still is. But always thought no he will never want me, look at me! Until one day he asked me to go stay with him (he lived up north) so after thinking it through I did, and it was the most enjoyable time with him, was so nice for someone to accept you for you. So every few weeks I would stay with him for several days. One point I thought wow this is it, was so happy and people could see it. People say you know when their 'the one' you just tell. And I could, made me feel so confident and believe in myself.

Then months later my whole world felt as if it had crashed around me, I suffered a miscarriage at 20 and within hours of finding out he left me, I guess he just couldn't hack it. He cried his eyes out to me and said he'll always be here. He was there for me I suppose, we haven't seen other since the last time I visited him prior to my miscarriage, so he was a phone call away, but I did go through most of it on my own, I told nobody expect for my GP, I felt useless and a failure. I was unemployed, depressed and spent my days up in my room and would just cry, I remember spending my 21st birthday upstairs, crying. (regret not celebrating now :() This is when I started to comfort eat and piled on so much weight, I just couldn't be bothered anymore.

It's coming up to a year now and I have just began talking to my ex again on the odd occasion, and again hes given me confidence again and made me realise there is more to live than this, I'm 21 coming up to 22 in two months and just want to live my life and have fun and my weight is stopping me. So have decided this is it. I'm ready And I will shed the weight and also go back to college to study health and social to help me pursue my career.

Finally, I have chosen to go back on weight watchers and do it all myself, it's only been a week tomorrow but it's going well and I am actually enjoying it. I have around 8 stone to shed. I feel I have a purpose every morning to get up now and life is slowing looking better. I know from now on it can only get better. Just thought I'd share this all with you and make this my weight loss diary :)
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Hi Kaylee , welcome to minimins and WW . Its lovely to have you with us. You have been through a lot . This site will really help you on your journey ,the people are great and you always know you can talk openly and wont be judged. Its a good idea to put up a daily diary to keep you focussed and get feedback on your food choices. I love propoints . It allows great flexibility . Hope you enjoy it. Look forward to following your progress.


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Thank-you :D

So today was my first weigh-in after a week of dieting, I've spent the weekend worrying that I hadn't lost anything, I just didn't feel like I had done, I had stuck to my plan and not had anything I shouldn't. I changed a few things round but stuck within my points but still felt I hadn't lost anything.

I got onto the scales this morning and was dreading it, I weighed 19st when I started a week ago and to my surprise the scales read 18st 6 I didn't believe it at first (so got on another 3 times haha) and still it kept reading 18st 6. I'm really happy about my loss this week, given me the motivation to go on this week :D


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Wow, you lost 8lb?? Congrats! xxx

Reading your first post, I have to say that it really made me think about how desperately I wanted to lose weight when I was a teen/early 20s. I would get so determined but always fail. NOW?! Im 34 and STILL battling and failing or yo-yo-ing. If you think its all difficult now, think of another 15 yrs or so of it. It can really cripple your life if you let it, the way I did. So, its good to hear that this is really the time for you... just make sure it is as I regret so so much of my denial/pretending I was ok/happy and letting the years slip by etc. what a waste of my younger years! Dont end up like me! you can do this because the alternative is just much worse than what you have already experienced.

Speaking of bad experiences, Im so sorry to hear you went through a miscarriage on your own. I know how difficult that is and wonder if you have managed to deal with it fully or had anyone to talk to about it? Its a shame your ex couldnt face it with you but sometimes it is better to not have someone else to consider if they are handling it worse than you. Im assuming that as he left you to it, sorry if im jumping the gun. I hope you will ensure that he wouldnt leave you like that again (if you are going to get back together) as you deserve better in such a difficult time.

huge congrats on a massive first weeks weight loss! hope you have a good 2nd week xxxx
Excellent weight loss on your first week Kaylee. You are well on your journey now just keep it going :D:D


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Thanks guys! Lost another 6lbs today makes it 1stone in total :D
WoW Kaylee , thats fantastic. You have done in two weeks what it has taken me around 10 !!!!!. You must be being super good and loads of exercise. Well they do say it gets harder as you get older (I'm 46) Ill console myself that way:D:D. Are you on Propoints ? Just be sure that you are eating enough i.e all your 29 dailies and keeping weeklies for your treats or hungry days.


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Thanks :D Another 6lbs lost this week, was hoping to lose a little more as didn't weigh-in the week before, but almost lost 2 stone in 4 weeks so I'm happy :)
Well done on losses :) here to follow x
Another 4lbs off today, been a bit off a rubbish week too so happy I still lost :D
That's amazing!!!!! Well done u :) xx
Only 2lbs today,totm is due so I knew it wouldn't be alot.
That's still a brilliant loss! Lose that every week and in a year u are nearly 7 and a half stone lighter :) xx
Kaylee ,those are amazing weight losses in such a short time. keep it going now . remember every 1lb is a 1lb of butter of the hips or tum !!!!!
Yay found old post! When I started a year ago I managed to lose around 4 stone ish! A year on and I haven't stuck to it and piled on 1 stone! Very unhappy about my weight again, been battling anxiety for 10months and slowing beating it, so its time to tackle my weight again, I am determined to do it, and this time I will!

Nice to be back on here again and excited for my Journey to begin again :)

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