Getting Easier!!


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Hi Everyone!

I would just like to thank everyone who encouraged me to stick to this diet through the First week! First 4 days i was always thinking about food and being tempted to eat and i thought that all the way though the diet i would feel like that... seems that yesterday and today i have been feeling really good and not been tempted at all. It seems to have got soooo much easier the last two days and i am so happy that i stuck it out :p woohoooo!!
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it REALLY does get easier, ad then so easy u wonder what all the fuss was about at the beginning!


Stick with it sweetie, the rewards are so worth it, and u don't need all that crappy food and sugar in ur body anyway.



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Thank you!

I just looked on FB and seen the pictures from my friends going on a night out last night drinking, looks like they had a good time! I am a little jealous about it if i'm honest lol. My best friend is the same size as me and has a lot to lose also but she will not do CD (Not for everyone i guess) she also really struggles with her weight and cant seem to lose any but she looks to be having a great time last night. The rest of my friends are nice and slim and seem to look great on any picture taken. Cant wait till next year when i am out with them all having a fantastic time and looking GREAT in the pictures. Ahhhh :D xxxx

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That time will come around, sooner then you think and just imagine how amazing it is going to feel. To have to get stressed because you can't choose what to wear and not stressed because of feeling awful in what you are wearing etc! You are doing so well, this is all yours for the taking.


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yeah but it's not all about having a good time and feeling good in clothes and pictures, i think u should also focus on the health aspect, being very overweight has lot of negative health implications aswell, so you are protecting ur future too.

(sorry - sound like a very old woman, but seeing my father inlaw riddled with diabetes, going blind and stuggeling to walk because he had a terrible diet and drank like a fish it makes u realise that it does matter and it WILL catch up with you!!!)

lecture over!

:) xx


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:wee:..'ray! Well done so far, good going. Yup, it does get easier, I must admit I am feeling great at the moment. Skin clear, eyes clear, lots of energy and sleeping well.
Your friends may look like they are having a good time..but are they? It is nice to go out, but over-indulging can lead to a bad head, guilt feelings etc.
You are in the right place.
Hope you post pics here when you get to you are going to look fab...the envy of your FB friends :p


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You are doing so well it is amazing.... I love that I have seen you encouraging others and it was only less than a fortnight ago you came on here asking all of the same questions yourself. You should be so proud. Keep this up girly you are doing fab


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Aww, you have such great encouragement on here. So proud of u getting through yr 1st few days & now 2nd week is nearly over!!

I saw those photos too of Phlippa & the girls but hey darling, u'll soon be out with them but looking fab & feeling glorious. Remember there's no better feeling in the world than putting on that fab frock & feeling slim & sexy!!! It's something you can't buy, can 't be given but you can work for it through keeping focused!!

Lv u Xxxx


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Well done!! :) I always struggle on the first few days :(