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Getting married 11 June 2011

Hi All,

Just started slimming world on Monday, me and H2B both need to lose some weight, me about 2 stone him about 1 stone.

Haven't even started looking for a dress yet, hopefully get onto it sometime this month with a friend and my sister.

Also, we got one of those pro circle ab thingys for a bit of extra exercise, anyone got one and had good results??

Good luck everyone

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Hi Kerry,

my friend has one of those pro circle ab things and she says its really good.

Have you been shopping for your dress yet? I'm also getting married in June, picked my dress last January lol! Love it! Any idea what kind of dress you would like?

Good luck with your weight loss

Michelle x
I'm a June bride as well and am slightly worried now that i ordered my dress a size smaller and have not lost anything since :(

How are you girls doing?

We've still got plenty time to go so don't worry too much, I'm sure you will get there :)

I'm following ww pro points and it seems to be working well. I was measured for my dress in September then put on over a stone afterwards!

What date in June are you getting married?

I have set myself a mini target for my hen night, 10 weeks on sat, then wedding is 10 weeks after that eek! :D

Michelle x


Chronic dieter!!!

We've still got plenty time to go so don't worry too much, I'm sure you will get there :)

I'm following ww pro points and it seems to be working well. I was measured for my dress in September then put on over a stone afterwards!

What date in June are you getting married?

I have set myself a mini target for my hen night, 10 weeks on sat, then wedding is 10 weeks after that eek! :D

Michelle x
Thanks Michelle! Whoops, i just realised that i said i was a June bride, but i'm not!!! Hehehehe i'm getting married on 21 July this year, my head really is NOT in the right place this week. Its all been a bit much, hence me taking action and starting the Cambridge diet. I've tried the propoints but i just can't seem to stick to it at the moment, just have too much stress at work and with wedding plans so taking a break from food....

Good luck with your mini goals! Its good to break it down into small chunks, makes it seem much more achievable :)

Alice x


121 days to go til our wedding! - thats 17 weeks, if I can average 2 pound a week,that'll be over 2 stone, more than manageable!

I'm doing ok on SW, my 4th weigh in tomorrow. Have only lost 5 and a half pounds so far, didn't lose anything last week but I did have a full indian takeaway including onion bhaji and nan bread and then went to pizza express on orange wednesdays - got the pizza with the hole and salad but then ate the doughballs and garlic bread.

Still, I've learned my lesson and been good this week, even when I went out wedding shoe shopping with friends last weekend - chose the tomato sauce based mussel starter and crab ravioli in tom sauce main. Was a bit naughty with wine and cocktails tho but have 'synned' them and it seems to have worked out ok.

The Wii says I've lost about 5 pounds since last week but we'll see tomorrow on weigh in.

I only picked my dress a couple of weeks ago, its gorgeous but so not what I thought I'd get. Also picked my tiara on Saturday, paid a lot more than I was going to but its gorge and matches my dress perfectly, so it had to be done.

Struggled with shoes though, they've mostly got pointy toes and very high heels, have managed to get a couple of pairs to see which I like best so all sorted with that too now I think.

hard work tho isn't it all?

Is your H2B doing your plan as well? mine thinks he's doing it but I don't think he 'gets it', will keep trying tho.

K xx
Hi kerry, 5.5 pounds off is still a good even weight loss. Stick with it and i'm sure u will get 2 ur target :)

My h2b doesn't really have 2 watch what he's eating that much, he goes 2 gym regularly after work and that works 4 him. Me on the other hand, doesn't matter how much exercise I do if I ate what I wanted i'd b bigger than a house lol! Need the structure that following some kind of plan gives.

Congrats on getting ur dress :-D its so exciting! I can't wait 2 wear mine. 19 weeks past yday :-D

last week I lost a pound and a half, wasn't that pleased but then realised had lost half a stone already so that made me feel lots better.

Weigh in again tonight, have been following plan 95% of the time including making a lovely slimming world 3 course dinner for valentines day.

Hows it going with you?

K xx
Congrats on your half stone :-D

I lost just over a pound this week so just over 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

Got our sample for day invites through today from stationers, all go now!

Good luck with ur weigh in

Michelle x
1 pound off for me this week. Quite happy with it, seems to be slow but sure for me. Going to really try and have a good week this week.

We have decided on our invites as well this week, we had a few different samples but these ones really were fabulous, a bit more expensive than we wanted to pay but loved them so much going to suck the extra cost up.

Are you having a theme? ours is lavender, love the flower, going to have it for my bouquet, made some lavender and crab apple jelly for the favours.

K x
Not really a theme as such but my flowers will b ivory roses & thistles and cake will have sugarcraft roses and thistles. Can't wait for the cake either lol! Main colours are green and ivory. Bridesmaids are wearing dark emerald green dresses and table throws etc are in a hunter green

My h2b is allergic to everything so would prob be sneezing all over the place if we had lavender lol!

Hi Ladies, also a June bride - 10th June. Got my dress. Ordered it before Christmas in a size 12 when I was an 18. Have lost a stone since and am now on a very low calorie diet - Exante, which is like Cambridge.

Want to lose just under 4 stone :)

Your wedding themes sound lovely.
Hi Liz,

you're braver than me for sure but you sound very motivated so i'm sure you'll do it.
Any details to share about your wedding?

Michelle your theme sounds very classy, I'm not having any bridesmaids, quite a small wedding really. Still costing a canny bit though lol.

K xx
Liz: that is very brave off you! Wishing you all the best with your weight loss. I'm sure the incentive of getting in your dress will will keep you moitivated :)

Kerry: ours is a pretty small wedding too, just had to have my four girls :-D H2b wasn't exactly best pleased when I first said I was having 4 bridesmaids lol!

Michelle x
Thanks everyone :) average on the diet is a stone a month.

Wedding is pretty much all organised and have just put final touches to honeymoon today. Colour scheme is grey and yellow. Got 3 bridesmaids and a flower girl and page boy.

Going to choose flowers next weekend. It's quite a summery, vintagey theme really. Did invites today! Very exciting. How's everyone else's plans coming along?
Hey ladies, hows the weight loss and wedding plans going??

I lost my first stone this week and wedding stuff all coming 2gether.

Got a new band and stationary and favours all ready.

Bridesmaids had first dress fittings 2day 2 and they all looked stunning.

15 weeks today, so excited :-D

hi all,

pleased to hear all going well for everyone. all getting v exciting now, but getting bored of all the waiting.

should be getting stationery any day now, rings ready to be picked up, h2b has suits all sorted.

have now decided to have a bridesmaid now, h2bs 8 year old niece so need a dress for her now, she's doing a reading too, she picked the owl and the pussycat, aw!

Music for ceremony picked, ceremony sorted with registrar, form filled in for changing passport to married name for honeymoon.

I've lost 11 pounds so far, weigh in tomorrow morning.....

feel like I'm turning into a proper bridezilla tho, lol. When I ordered my tiara they said 6 weeks max delivery time, phoned today and they said its not expected til end of april! not happy!

Dress not here yet either, when I phoned the shop yesterday the woman wasn't very reassuring and said it usually takes 4-6 months for delivery - grrrrr was told 6-8 weeks for my particular dress when I ordered in january. Going to phone and speak to owner of shop tomorrow, she's off today.

Started having a couple of bad dreams about the wedding too, lol. Never thought I'd be a bridezilla, but there you go.

It'll all be brilliant on the day though, guess its all par for the course.

Take care
Kerry xx

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