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Getting My Vegas Body....

Hi all,
Back on this site again after 5 months of healthy eating and exercise and losing nearly 3 stone of baby weight, ive got 2 1/2 to go and as im getting married in Las Vegas in December I thought id give Cambridge a try :)

So had a very positive meeting today, discussed the steps and agreed to start on sole source plus.

WEIGHT - 13 Stones exactly (yikes!)
Oh well at least next week I should be in the 12 stones!

Here Goes The Diary

Coffee shake for breakfast - Quite nice :)
Toffee bar for lunch - suprisingly filling!
Leek and Potato Soup for dinner - YUK!!!
Tin of drained tuna
Shed loads of water!

All in all feeling good today not wanted any food or been tempted bring on day 2!

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Feeling Motivated
Good luck with your CD journey! Hope you feel fab for Vegas, it is amazing over there!
I got married in Vegas 6 years ago. We were going to Vegas again to renew our vows after 5yrs but my son was born 2 days after our anniversary. Have you been before? Good luck with day 2
Hi ladies

Good luck to all of you trying to lose the excess weight.

I have only a small amount to lose - have put 1 stone on in last year.

Doing Cambridge on SS2. Have to say hate the Leek and Potato Soup!

Weight loss so far is slow - been told thi is because I only have 15lbs to lose.

Not been hungry yet - started 2 weeks ago.
Thanks ladies! No I havent been to Vegas yet but its always been my dream to get married there we got engaged in New York City so it kinda fits to! Only going for four days though as our daughter will only be 11months old so dont want to leave her to long! J61 - A small loss is still a loss dont lose heart :)
Day 2

Today has gone suprisingly smoothly, I havent had any near slips up at all so really pleased with myself! I also managed to fit in my swim (40 lengths) and my 10minute workout (cardio tonight) its a workout dvd set by Tony Horton just 10 mins at a time but he really pushes you its fab! Theres 5 in the set and I usually do 3 in a row but due to the lack of cals im taking in im just going to do the 1 a night for a while!

Anyway im rambling!
Breakfast - Vanilla shake - Really enjoyed this!
Snack/Lunch - peanut bar - Again very filling!
After Swim - 1 small boiled egg
Dinner - Leek and Pot soup - Urgh!!! Thank god it was the last one!
After Cardio - Half a tin of drained tuna
Loads Of Water!

All in all im still feeling very good and positive and full up suprisingly although the cals are low its feels like im always eating ha!
Hope you have all had a good day
Day 3

Ive not been feeling great today starting to miss food so much! Ive still stuck to the diet 100% and managed to do 40 lengths in the pool, I havent done my workout yet as my baby is still awake lil monkey! Hope I feel better tomorrow :(

Breakfast - porrige - hmmmm....
lunch - Orange bar - Not a massive fan!
2 boiled eggs after swim
Dinner - Oriental soup

I hope tomorrow is easier
My CDC says day 4 is better and you have more energy. I hope she's right. Maybe you feel rubbish because your body's going in to ketosis. Just take one day at a time and remember it will be worth it when you step on those scales. I know its difficult but keep going, you're doing great!

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