Getting on the weight loss train :-)

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  1. mrsp14

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    I'm 16 st 9.... Just started calorie counting this last week. Ultimately I want to get to the 12's but that's a long way off.

    I'm eating 1200 cals a day (using m yfitnesspal) and either swimming, cycling or both!

    We go on holiday to Sri Lanka in April and I'd love to be in the lower 15's at least!!

    Any tips for a newbie would be great :)
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  3. The Moog

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    Calorie counting and willpower
    The best advice I can give is to stick with it. Keep entering those calories on MFP. Odd slips will happen along the way, but they're blips, not proper set backs.

    Make food as interesting as you can and drink lots of water (and green tea if you like it)

    Also - don't do what I did and blow the maintenance afterwards ;) It's ridiculously easy to put back on. :)
  4. mrsp14

    mrsp14 Member

    Thanks. Weighed today as have been at for a week and no change :-( A bit gutted but am hoping all the exercise I'm doing means a shift from fat to muscle weight.,... Would be nice to see the numbers go down though!
    Husband suggested tracking measurements too so may do that if I can find a tape measure!

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