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getting ready to start cd


cos i need this xxx
hey! i just had a call with the woman who's gonna be my cdc!! am all excited but gotta wait 2 weeks to start cos its my son's birtday this week then next week i got family coming up and it would be waaaaay too chalenging to start this with all that going on.
just wanting some advice and tips from people who have had good results. please dont be offputting cos im very optimistic about this and really think it could be what i need.
i have about 70 lbs to lose and cant wait to get started!!
come on and gimme all your inspiring success stories!!!

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please try again
good luck
Woo hoo, well done for setting up a CDC and getting ready to start, im sure your do great :) !!!!!!

Just keep coming on here when your on CD its Amazing for the motivation, and a good place to hang out and make new friends :)

Good Luck

Hi Claire - my advice would be that some people find it easier if they have had low carb days a couple of days before starting, think they find it easier to get into ketosis and don't feel the effects of getting there so bad (effects being headaches kind of thing).

To be honest I've never had any problems getting into ketosis and never felt any bad symptoms so it's not everyone who gets it.

When you start I'd recommend trying all the packs - some you'll think you won't like and you'll love them (that's me with toffee & walnut - thought it would be vile) and some you'll think you would like and you might not (chocolate bar I found urghhh).

Drink plenty of water and though you can continue with light/moderate exercise don't book to do anything too much in the first few days as your body will take a little while to only getting by on around 400 calories a day.

Best bits - standing on the scales and seeing the losses and also feeling your clothes going too loose so soon.

Good luck xx


cos i need this xxx
hey all! yeah the cdc told me to do a "low fat version of atkins" for a couple of days before i see her so itd be easy to get into ketosis!
what kind of losses have you all seen in your own experiences? i do 2 dance aerobics classes a week which are pretty har going and do my wi fit a few times as well so get a bit of exercise on top of looking after my 2 kids!!



cos i need this xxx
wow! thats amazing! i dont think i could possibly lose anything like that!! i think seeing the counsellour every week is gonna be the key difference for me. even when ive been on xenical seeing my doc monthly, its like i say to myself, "right, i can pig out for the first 2 weeks, then be really good for 2 weeks before going back!" then inevitibly im not good the last weeks either lol!!

what are the nicest products in your opinions??

ermmm i would say, i like the Chocolate Tetra (ready made shake) , i like the apple and cinnamon porridge,
and i also like the strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate shakes (do it yourself ones)

and i like the peanut crunch bar,

i do not like any of the soups, but thats my opinion :)



cos i need this xxx
how long have you been doing cd? did u find it really hard at first??



cos i need this xxx
mmm chocolate mint sounds yummy!
yes chocolate mint is the best i think ! its LOVELY !!!!!

ermm i first started in october but i stopped for a death in the family after about 5-6 weeks, and yes i did find it hard the first 3 days were the worst, but it passes and its plain sailing from there onwards :)



cos i need this xxx
wow - mrsessex! isall ur weightlossdown to cd?? wat a difference in your pics!

i cant wait to have before n afters lol!
also, if your finding things hard, or really having trouble with cravings etc, can u call ur cdc for advice??

LOL yes all Cambridge :D and my determination!!!

Yes you can call your CDC for advice

Cravings are few and far between but if they strike keep your self amused or drink some water x


cos i need this xxx
im so excited about this lol! wish i didnt have 2 weeks to wait lol!

thats great that u can call ur cdc - i think ill find that a huge help!

have your friends and family been supportive?? i know mine will be v judgemental and negative so im gonna just keep to myself unless i have to tell them, certainly at first!!



cos i need this xxx
well thats what i figure - that once the weight starts coming off and they can se its healthy etc theyll prob not argue it!
best of luck with diet hun this is a amazing site for supporting each other looking forward to reading your posts:D
Hi Claire! I have doing CD for 4 weeks on Thursday and have done it 100% my weight losses are below! I have found that it is more mentally challenging than physically as I associated eating with boredom, watching tv, reading, being on the computer, eating kids leftovers! EVERYTHING!!

All I can say is I have gained so much time since starting this as I am not watsing all my time making myself fatter anymore!! My house is spotless and my kids are enjoying having more time with mommy!!

I love the chocolate mint shakes and thats all I have! 3 a day, everyday lol!!

Another thing that makes this difficult is cheating! I did this diet last year and ate something small most days! I kept putting myself in and out of ketosis and it had dire effects on my body! My hair started falling out in chunks and I bled constantley (was on my period for 6 months!)

In the end I just lost £pounds as opposed to lbs!!

Good luck! Get yourself into the right frame of mind over the next 2 weeks and set yourself goals and targets! Also have a cast iron reason why you are doing this! I am doing it for my kids and my health and because I want to get married and dont want to be a fat bride :(

Good luck again xxxx

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