Getting ready to start WW this week

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Zombie1027, 5 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Zombie1027

    Zombie1027 New Member

    I tried WW briefly many years ago and really didn't try very hard at it. I am getting ready to try again this week I start a 12wk course at work.

    I am hopeful it may work as I am desperate for something to just click, but I am afraid it won't work like everything else I have tried.

    I am thankful this site shows all the success stories as it gives me hope. I am trying to give up meat as well so I am unsure how this will work but I hope it does work.
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  3. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    WW has changed from many years ago, i think you'll find you'll love it now, i couldnt go on any other plan now. Ive always been a pro-pointer but i started a group a few weeks ago (due to gaining after getting to goal) and the leader told me all about filling and healthy and LOVE that too. its so versatile, mix your days and have a variety. give it 100% and you'll see results. dont be afraid to EAT.

    Best of Luck x
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