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Getting the click.... if I can... YOU can...

Back in 2006 I was horrifically overweight. Im still too embarassed to admit my starting weight, one day I will, just not yet.

I have 2 gorgeous nieces, Emma (now 5) and Ciara (now 19 months) I realised if I didnt address my weight then I wouldnt be around to see them grow up.

I couldnt walk more than the length of myself without being breathless.

I couldnt get clothes to fit. I wore horrible horrible stuff I bought on ebay because nothing else fitted me.

I couldnt wear my uniform at work because I was too big to fit it.

I was scared Id die in my sleep.

I was turning into a hermit, refusing to go out unless it was somewhere 'safe' like my parents house.

I couldnt stand for more than 5 mins or my back hurt.

I had a cleaner to clean my flat, because honestly, I couldnt even do that.

I did all my shopping online because I couldnt face going to shops, besides I knew id be exhausted if I did.

When I went to buy a new car, I went to the dealer one day on my own, snuck into an open car to check I could fit behind the wheel (I could!) before I set about buying it.

In January 2007 my mum and I had a real heart to heart. We both ended up in tears as she confessed her biggest fears. My aunt died suddenly a couple of years ago and I saw what the grief did to my mum and realised what she went through with Annes death was nothing compared to what shed go through if it was me. That was it, my lightbulb moment! For the millionth time I decided I WOULD lose weight, only this time something clicked and I realised for once I was totally focused.

I started doing WW on 9 Jan 07, a complete turning point in my life. That first week I lost 6lbs. The following week I got the flu and ended up at my doctor, who brought up the subject of my weight. Without his help, Id never have got this far, hes been amazing!

Apart from my family and friends the other thing which has got me to where I am now, is Minimins. I was lucky enough to know of Summerskye through a mutual friend, who was also worried about what I was doing to myself and I learned about Minimins. Another turning point in my life! The only thing that worried me was anyone with a significant weight loss had done it through a VLCD not WW or anything like it. I worried I was kidding myself on that I could lose the weight I needed to.

So now, 16 months on, Im 150lbs lighter.

I can now shop in numerous places.

Im on my 3rd uniform issue as things are too big for me.

I take my nieces out regularly to shop, to the park, to Burger King... Im now the auntie I always wanted to be.

I do my own shopping

I do my own cleaning

I go to the gym! :eek:

My life has improved beyond words....

To anyone struggling, hang in there, you CAN do it. If I can, anyone can. Whether its a VLCD or WW etc it can absolutely be done....

I cant wait til this time next year to see where I am.....
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Gold Member
Well done Sandy hun. As Bev said you are a true inspiration, not only to fellow WWers, but to everyone on this site x x x


is going to loose!
Star light,

A touching story. It took alot of courage to share and you should be very very very proud!

I bet your looking forward to your 40th!



Taking Back Control...!!!
OK now you've made me cry..... :cry: and I've just put my make up on too....:rolleyes:;)

You have achieved so, so much and are now reaping the benefits....:D

So proud of you hun..... :D:D



Silver Member
That is such an inspirational post Sandy. To have lost such a significant amount of weight in a conventional manner is totally awe inspiring.

Cant wait to meet you.



Silver Member
You've done brilliantly and are an inspiration to us all. I keep telling myself I'm going to do it this time, I've tried and failed so many times before, but this site is brilliant and I'm hoping with the help of everyone here I'll stick with it this time.
thank you so much star light :) stories like that really spur me on xx
You are amazing, and perhaps the main reason I decided to join this site.

Your loss is truly inspirational and you deserve all the kind words that are spoken about you on here!

thank you (and I can't say that enough)


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I'm really moved by your post, can't think of anything else to say except thank you xx
Thank you Sandy - for being honest and giving all of us the inspiration and motivation to carry on. There is no words which I find describe my admiration for you properly so all I can say is Well done, you're amazing and a very very valued and loved member of minimins.

Thank you so much

An absolutely fantastic achievement, you are obviously one very determined lady. A true inspiration to others and proof that conventional dieting DOES work. Well done Sandy!

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