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Getting there

Hi every1

I am so excited! and I just need 2 share it I am finally in a size 12!!!! WooHoooooooooooooooooo! Its been over 8 years since before the birth of my daughter since I have even a leg into a size 12.

I have been struggling to see any difference in my body even tho the lbs have been coming off slowly but there really must be as it seems Ive lost quite a few inches off my waist :D SO HAPPY
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Hey, As said in the shout well done! It must feel fab! You are so close to target, you go girl!
Thank-you guys :D :D :D

Im feeling so positive! I dnt think I ever actually believed I wud get this far, I have failed so many times but now its so close I can feel it! Im annoying the hell outta my BF keep running in the bedroom, putting on my size 12 skirts and shouting "LOOK!!"

I even had a friend drop me round some clothes that have got to small for her (I know its wrong but I felt a moments smugness because this has NEVER happened to me my sisters used to swap clothes with each other while I was left with their old maternity clothes or swapping with my mum)

My body type isnt the best (apple shape) so I think I will always have a slighty bigger tummy than everywhere else on my body but clothes r looking alot nicer on me now Im def happy.

Sorry if I sound smug and gloat-y Im just in total shock and amazement :D


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youve got every right to be smug bridesmaid, youve done brilliant!

well done :D
Thanks every1 much appreciated :D
Lol the only wonder is that your not MORE smug!! I can't WAIT to get into a 12 and fully intend to hire a billboard haha!! Well done you! Your weightloss record is so lovely and steady and healthy lol you must have worked really hard so enjoy your moment!!! With a billboard if you want too!! :)

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hahaha thanks legomom :) Im trying very hard to reign in my smugness but I cnt help but smile. was a little disappointed last wk cuz only lost 1lb but lost 2 again this wk even tho its my TOTM :).

Yeah I have been quite lucky with my losses seems to have been slow and steady but Im def getting there only 4lbs left to go YiIiIpPeEeEeEeE!!!


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Well done you..I'm excited that I've gone down to a size 18..When I get down to a 12 the whole village will know :)
I think u really have to celebrate the small victorys....................we may not have won the war (yet!) but we have won this battle thats why its so important to have mini goals :D well done 2 every1 else on their little victorys
:) thank you

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