Getting to know you......... :o)


Dreaming of being slim!
Hello everyone!!!

Just thought, being as I am a newbie and I am planning on hanging around here as much as I can-why dont we have a getting to know you thread???

Tell as much or as little as you want so I can get to know you all and so can everyone else:)

My name is Julie, I am a 25 year old full time mummy to 5 horrors, aged 7, 3, 3, 16 months and 16 months. I havent worked for 4 and a half years, since the first set if twins were born and I am starting to get itchy feet!!!

I am married to my soul mate, my first love Aron. Who I met at 18:) He is half of me and makes me complete:) He is 40 years old and a bookies manager:D

We live in a tiny 3 bedroomed house in Leicester in a quiet area. I love it here.

I am due to start the CDSS on the 29th of the month. After much soul searching I have decided this is the year to get my life back on track and to see the real me, I am not just Julie the mum, I am Julie the vibrant 25 year old that I so want to be:)

The year has started well, my husband has been given a great promotion, I am due to start a part time job soon and I just feel its really my year. Maybe someone up there thinks I deserve to be happy:)
My aim is to get to 9 stone 7lb eventually and the perfect size 10. I have applied for X Factor this year(I lurve to sing!!!) and so want to take my before photo's along with me to show them how far I have come!!! Then its a tummy tuck, boob job and lazer eye surgery. A brand new hair do(from curly and wild to straight and sleek) and a complete new me. This is the year I shall say goodbye to the old me, I am so ashamed of the lump of lard I have become!!!

2007 Brings the new Julie and I cant wait to meet her!!!

The final chapter for me will be renewing my vows with my gorgeous husband as we have had 4 more beautiful children since we got married and I need to tell this man how much he means to me:) I want a big flowing dress, a gorgeous castle and proper bridesmaids!!! Not the size 20 pink £30 Asda suit that I got married in:( .

Sorry to waffle on-tell me a bit about you.....whether it be your weight losses, your life or your hopes and dreams. I shall look forward to reading them all shortly.:)
What a lovely post Julie, I can feel great vibes coming through the PC from you.

Im Vicky, a 32 year old mother of 1, daughter aged 4 going on 40! Am married, also to the love of my life, DH and have been for 7 years.

I started Cambridge SS this year in July and have lost 5st to get to goal of 11st, I am currently 10 st 10lbs, have followed maintainence, stabalised and am now an avid member of weight loss rescources and hope to slowly lose 3lbs or so taking me to 10 and a half stone, this giving me 7lbs buffer zone!!!!

I love CD, and VLCDs, but also believe in all healthy weight loss plans. I am now a staunch supporter of learning how to eat properly!!!

2007 was the start of a slim year for me, I had been overweight since my mid teens and this is the first year where I havent sat down and decided what weight loss plan to follow. I firmly believe that I will be slim for life now, having got to a goal I only ever dreamt of.

Your home life sounds lovely, and I look forward to seeing the piccies of your vow renewal x
Hello there Big-Pudding, I am sitting here open-mouthed trying to imagine my life with 5 children including two sets of very young twins. What do you mean you 'haven't worked for four and a half years'. Are you kidding! What a shock to be blessed with twins twice.

Anyway, I am AmandaJayne, married 12 years with two kids aged 13 and 12. I couldn't cope with any more. I am a classroom assistant and absolutely love my job.

I have been doing LL since 24th August and currently have lost 6 stone 1lb. I am just about to start the Management part of the programme and feel fantastic. I hope to lose another stone maximum.

Good luck on your CD programme. Have a great year.
Wow!! Five kiddies and two sets of twins! You deserve a medal!

OK - I'm Debbie and will be 45 next week. I'm married (second time around) and I have 4 daughters aged 26, 22, 19 & 11. I also have two lovely granddaughters aged 8 & 5.

I was mostly a career mum for the last 26 years with a few part time jobs such as cleaning, shop work etc but decided to take life by the horns last year and went to college full-time to gain some qualifications.

Those qualifications were enough to get me into university and that's where I am now, studying for a BA Hons in English & History. I also decided to make the effort to sort out my weight problem once and for all - only that way could I say that my life had completely changed.

I still have a way to go: at my heaviest I was 21st 12lb and at my last weigh-in I was 13st 10lb (after having gained 20lb over Christmas - stupido!!). Hopefully I'll reach my goal of 10st by the Summer and then watch out world!
OK heres me. My name is Lisa, I teach 15/16year olds life skills in a very difficult secondary school in essex. im 42 years young with a daughter of 14 and a son of 11. Ive been with my hubby for 19 years. We have had lots of downs over the years but finally im beginning to see a rosy glow to the future.
I feel like ive been on a diet all my life. I was a fat child, parents tried to bribe me with a siamese kitten when i was about 8 to get me to drop some lbs. They eventually took me to weightwatchers at the grand old age of 10. Since then its been a never ending cycle of losing and gaining weight. At my very heaviest i was 23st 5lbs.
This is my make or break year. At work, at home and with myself, this year either comes right or im walking away. I cant wait any longer to be happy, this year i give everything my best shot if it works great, if not time to move on.
Im currently following the Cambridge plan and i feel stronger than i have for years, just wish i didnt feel so cold.
wow well done everyone!!!! You have all done so well!

Lisa, that is so true, make or break for happiness. If you need a diet buddy give me a shout. We sound like we are both aiming for the same things xxx
Ok, I'm Karen, single mum to Chloe, the light of my life (even though she bugs me at times!!) shes 6 but acts like a teenager! She wants to be a pop star by the way, and is currently modelling herself on Gabriela out of High School Musical (at least she picked someone with a bit of intelligence as well, even though shes not a proper pop star!)

Anyway, during last summer I decided enough was enough, I had to sort my weight out. Had seen an advert for LL and went to an info session, convinced this was the diet for me, but then realised there was no way I could afford £66 per week and was gutted and there was noone I could rely on to mind Chloe for me while I went to the sessions either. Kept wishing I had done LT while I was still in Ireland!!

Went on hols to Spain and felt miserable and the only reason I even managed to go swimming was because the pool was right across from the house, barely 10 steps away!!

Came back from hols and did some research and discovered CD and also discovered there was a CDC here and made an appointment to see her at the end of September. Started CD on October 1st and gradually lots of different parts of my life are improving, mainly down to me being happier with me. Losing weight is not the answer to all my prayers though, and is slowly uncovering other things that I need to work on......even though I can be full of confidence, I still have very low self esteem and a very low idea of my self worth and I need to sort that out before it affects my daughter.

I will be 26 on tuesday and although my family are all in Ireland, this is one birthday I am kind of looking forward to-its the first one I can remember that is at a time when I am in control of something (my diet being the thing I can control), and to me that is a huge achievement.

I have less than 3 stone to go to get to goal (OMG, cant believe I can actually say that now!!) and would like to be close to my 10stone goal for easter and maintaining then for the rest of my life!
Hi Julie

What a great thread. Hi and welcome.

I'm 30 and live on the South Coast. I'm single and live alone with my two cats...... don't worry though I'm not the strange cat lady!!!!!!
I started Cambridge in March last year and have so far lost 12 st 9 lbs, my start weight was 25 st 5lb. Not good. I'm hoping to lose another 2 st 10lbs and then start maintenance... scary stuff.
Losing the weight has completely changed my life, I feel more confident in myself and no longer want to be the person trying to hide myself away, which was an impossible task. My social life has soared as I now accept invitations out instead of finding reasons not to go and now I even instigate them.

You sound so positive in your post and what a fab achievement with your children. I too look forward to reading about and seeing photos of your renewed vows in your beautiful gown.

Take care

Jazzy xx
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Thanks Happe.

I think it has been said many times that this diet is both the easiest and hardest thing that I have ever done but the results are soooooo worth it!!!!!!!
This forum is full of people that help me keep my resolve high and continue to motivate me. It has made it all seem a lot easier.

Jazzy x
Hi Julie

I'm Sarah and I live in North Wales. I have just moved back here after being away and living in Edinburgh for 14 years. I split with my partner whilst up there and have moved down here young, free and single! I started LL last year on January 29th and lost 6 stone getting down to 10stone 5lbs, from 16stone 5lbs. Then I had a lot of upheaval in my life at the end of last year including moving and some emotional stuff too and put 2 stone back on. I am now on CD having started again (properly) 2 days ago and know that this time I can do it. My life has now settled down a bit and I am determined to get to goal this time - and stay there!

Good luck on your journey - you are in the best place for support. What a hectic life you have so please use us "old timers" for advise!

"I started Cambridge in March last year and have so far lost 12 st 9 lbs, my start weight was 25 st 5lb."

Wow Jazzy, what an incredible achievement. You say it has changed your life - I bet there are peole you know who don't even recognise you now! I love cats too, what are yours called?

Hia Sarah, I see you are living in North Wales now, my mum and dad live in Colwyn Bay and my MIL in Wrexham. I visit them from time to time.
Hi AmandaJayne

Thanks. You know your right. I recently had to visit a client who I have nursed for the past 12 years but haven't seen her since starting the diet. She asked who I was when I walked in to her house as I didn't introduce myself, didn't feel it was necessary!!!! Also a colleague thought a new member of the team had started when he walked in and saw me from behind. It's funny but such a great feeling.

You have nearly reached goal, isn't it exciting!!!!??? but scary at the same time.

My cats are called Maxie and Jasper. They're two old timers now but sometimes act as though they are kittens and drive me crazy sometimes. I wouldn't be without them though.

Hope you have a great day

Jazzy x
omg you are all fabby!!!

Its so lovely to read about everything about you and you have all done amazingly well on your losses:eek:

You are such a bunch of inspirational people, I am in complete awe of you all:)
Hi Everyone, I am 48, 2 girls 23 and 19, two boys 26 and 19. Happily married to my DH for 28 years and running our family business together for the last 6 years.The three younger ones are still all at home. After years of really bad health following the birth of the twins (who had put a big strain on my lungs and caused some damage) I spent many years on high dose steroids which saw my already overweight bod increase to over 18stone. Miraculously my GP discovered a anti allergy pill that clamed down all the problems with my lungs and I went from taking up to 60 puffs on the inhaler, 8 nebulisers and 60mcg of prednisolone to - NOTHING!
Decided then that I had no excuse to stay fat and got down to around the 14s, since then I've gone back and forth, up to 16.5, back to 15.2. all over the place really.

Now I just want to quietly get on with life and lose slowly and steadily till I am where I want to be. Sounds really easy when you put it like that doesn't it?

Love Barb xxx
Hi there :)

I'm Helen. I'm 51, been married for nearly 25 years and have 2 boys aged 19 and 14. I'm a musician, private and school music teacher.

A lifetime of yoyo dieting led me to Cambridge in Sept 2004. I lost just over 7 stone and maintained until Feb 2005, when I decided to do it again to lose another few pound. Ended up losing 8 stone in all. Continued to maintain.

I don't follow any diet as such now, just try to be my eating habits anyway :D
HI there I am Louise. I am 23 on the 29th this month, fed up of been FATTY and not been able to wear nice clothes... I have put on 5 stone in 4 years (since moving in with partner). I want to get slim to set a date to get married and for personal healthy.

My partner has twin girls (6 this year) who I love to pieces, hard to imagine a life before them now.

I work in Finance and have done since leaving school, hopefull will become a part-qualified accountant on the 21st Feb this year and are now studying towards CIMA (Management Accountancy), and I also do joke that 'I have never experienced a overweight management accountant'. I want to joy of getting qualified and buying a nice suit that fits in all the right places.

I will hopefully be joing the CD in mid Feb .
Hi everyone,

It's great to read about everybody, really good thread Julie!:D

I'm Tracie, single mum to 5 girls (10,8,6,5,3)

Soon to be divorced from their dad.

I live in Cambridge but not born and bred here though.

I think my being the size that I am stems from a feeling of not liking myself very much.

I married the man who I thought was my soul mate but he had several affairs and he hasn't seen his girls for over a year and my girls do not want to see him.

I have no family around so there is no family support and I think I used food to keep me company when the girls had gone to bed.

I lost 6 stone a few years ago, but Ive put it back on bar 2 stone.

I'm a frequent re-starter on CD and this time, Ive been doing it for 17 days.

I don't get my body, this may make no sense to people but, for example, when Ive stuck to say CD or LL 100%, I don't lose alot of weight.
When I did LL, I stuck to it 100% in the beginning and I was the one in the group who lost the least, however, one night, I ate a chicken kebab and had very small nibbles throughout the week and at my next weigh in Id lost 6 lbs.

so, its a vicious cycle for me, coz as soon as it gets to the stage where I'm not losing, or it seems I'm not losing after sticking with it 100%, I give up and start eating!!

I'm trying to break the cycle this time, just going to stick with it and hopefully it'll sort itself out (oh forgot to mention that as well as the scales not moving, my inches weren't either!!!)

So, thats me, I want to get to the stage where I feel confident in myself and I can go on the playground and feel great.

To not have all the local kids around where I live telling my girls that their mum is fattyfattybumbum and that if they're hungry its coz their mums ate all the pies!!!

So, I'm hoping its my year, to get the figure I want, get healthy and make the life I want for me and my girls

Hi Im Sonya 37 yrs old, married 15 yrs with 2 boys 12 and 9yrs, Im a registered childminder, originally from Nottingham but been living in Plymouth for 6 1/2 yrs. I am also just about to start an open university course "children in the early years".
I have been over weight since I married and moved to Germany for 6 months, then put on 5 st with first son due to pre-eclampsia. And it just went up and up from there really.
Well after a great summer and seeing my hubby and kids on fair rides, swimming etc I have decided I have had enough of sitting on the sidelines watching them have fun.
So here I am 9 weeks into Lipotrim and lost 3st 10lbs so far.

Nice to meet you Big-pudding