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Getting To Know You

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Thought I would start this thread to find out a bit more about each other.

I know some of us are at uni, so what are we doing there and what jobs do we all have.

Well, I've been a nurse for 4 years amd specialise in A&E, but decided last year to go back to uni and study TESOL (teaching english to speakers of other languages) and Japanese.
Bit of u-turn, but I want to move to Japan and they don't accept foreign nurses, so decided to teach instead.
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wow, thats impressive!! i can hardly grasp my own language at times lol.

im a mummy of 2 boys and am a dispenser in boots the chemist. been there for 9 yrs and was a hairdresser for 5yrs before that... u huge career change at the time and the best decision ive ever made. xx
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I'm a mummy to 2 boys aged 12 and 14. I am currently working as a Carer in the community for a private care agency. As a family we are in the process of becoming a Foster family for a child aged between 0 and 16. We are due to go to panel for approval in April this year, so I want to lose as much weight as I can before then. xx
Oh and I'm also 40 this year...xx


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I'm 26 and a very proud mummy of two, a daugher and son, i work as an Administrator for a large retail company, I use to be a teaching assistant... again a U turn in career for me too...


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Cool thread. I'll write some more later. Gotta get back to work now xx

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
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Oooh, I like this thread too! Nice to know a bit more about your all! ;)

I'm a Computer Aided Design Specialist... so, basically, I use AutoCAD to provide a design & drawing service for people wanting to make internal or external, structural changes to their property!... In layman's terms, I do pretty drawings and 3D visual drawings of Architectural stuff! (So I can help people visualise the full potential of their homes!)... Then they use my drawings to apply for planning permission, or to show to a builder etc, if they find it hard to explain exactly what they're after! :D

I live in Reading, and have been self-employed for 14 years, although for the first 4, I ran my own Interior Design Business in Brighton...

I have a cute little flat, just right for me! No kids or pets, although I'd like a Maltipoo doggy, which I'd carry around in a bag, and it'd totally wear outfits and stuff! Lol... ;)

Have a lovely boyfriend, 6 years younger than me... hehe... and we've been together for 9 months. He's my rock.

:) xx

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Wow, great to hear about you all. And Caroline, mucho respect for what your family are doing, takes a strong person to be able to do that.
Thanks for your kind words of support. It won't be an easy ride that's for sure. I need to tackle my issues with my weight that I've had all my life. I gave up smoking 5 years ago, so my fat filled safety blanket is next to go :)

Loving the pics of your Maltipoo by the way xx
We have quite a petting zoo here, 3 dogs (17 yr old Border Collie: Brock, a 3 yr old Working Cocker: Poppy and her 8 mth old daughter: Chloe, the mum and daughter combo came from a rescue centre in Peterborough last Dec), 4 Guinea pigs, 2 Chinchillas, 1 Hamster and 5 Chickens lol
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I am a yankee transplant. Born and raised in San Francisco area, California. Married my gorgeous (10 years younger) :D englishman and I have been here 10 years. Was meant to be 2. We are currently building our dream home in a remote area of California. One day, we'll be there. We met on AOL about 15 or 16 years ago by chance in a random chat room. Who knew a night of a bit of fun banter with a complete stranger in another country would lead to this!

Before I moved here I was a manager in Childrens Protective Services. Now I am an insurance broker. Should have been an artist!~ lol oops.

No kids - lots of pets instead.

I play guitar and piano. Love to paint, design and make jewelery, pottery and all sorts.

Turned 50 last year. Ouch. Ouch to the whole year really.

So thats about me in a nutshell. :)


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Right let's go.
I'm 33 and originally from Poland although I was born and raised there I'm a bit of a mix. My mum is polish and my dad is half german half Italian born in France.
I've been in the uk for 7.5 years and I totally think of it as my home.
I have an older sister who lives in Germany with her family (she has a 20 year old son who's beautiful and should be a model). My parents live with my sis for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months they go back home.
Im a make up artist by profession and have done freelance for majority of my career. Until I got into retail...
5 years later I'm a store manager of a flagship store with a 2M turnover. I work for space.nk which is basically like a very high end version of boots or sephora if anyone remembers that one.
It's stressful and cut throat but I love it.
I still do the occasional freelance job here and there. Mainly weddings.
However. If I had it my way I'd be working in the health and fitness industry so a possible career change further down the line is more than possible.
I live in North London with my best friend Gary who's been my rock.
My boyfriend is American from LA so if we do end up marrying etc we would probably move there at some stage (and I wouldn't object ;))
He's a bodyguard and we met a year and a half ago in a club. He was with a high profile client I was with girlfriends. I saw him from across the room came up to him told him I thought he was beautiful and ran off lol
He later on found me and we swapped numbers.
The rest is history ;)
Wow I feel like I've just written my resume lol

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Hi, so I am 40yrs old have a 23yr old son and a beautiful 20yr old daughter. Married 22yrs but separated for 6yrs, cant decide what to do! Originally from Wales but now in the Midlands.

Started off as a hairdresser and ended up being an Internal Communications Manager which cover all sorts internal announcements, organising conferences ets.

We have a small zoo lol, 3 horses, 3 cats, a dog, budgie and a rabbit!

Wow some of you have some brilliant jobs and things going on in your lives, take my hat off to you!
Great idea for a thread! xx
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This is such a lovely post.

I'm 33 and I live in Liverpool I'm a freelance marketing and events manager; I get to travel the world working on some amazing festivals and projects. I love my job, it's varied and exciting though really, really stressful at times.

I'm single and don't have any kids but I do have a gorgeous little rabbit called Stanley who is the love of my life.

Nice to meet you all x


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Lovely to meet you all xxx


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Awww Im so boring compared to you lot. Am 37 was with the ex for a billion years till we split and now share a flat with my best friend. I live in Hertfordshire and work for a financial services company in their legal department. Dream of being thin, winning the lottery and marrying Jonathan Rees Meyers (maybe spelled incorrectly) oh, and he has to wear his Henry VIII costume at the wedding..hubba hubba :D
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HAHA like that Twinny.
I love this thread. Keep adding.
We're a bit of a mixed bunch.

I don't have any pets. Had a Westie called Mac, he was 12 years old but died last Sept. Miss him loads. But he was a little sod. :) Live with my parents and they won't get another dog :(

I'm 25, been with oh for nearly 8 years but not married. Can't afford such things.

Going on holiday to New York in May and maybe going to Japan in June with Uni.
Going to Japan next year for 8 months as part of my uni course, then eventually, in 2014 I'll be moving there.


Tough But Sexy X
S: 93.4kg C: 88kg G: 73kg BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5.4kg(5.83%)
You lovely ladies are all so cultured, I feel DULL lol xx
Hi I'm 37 years old. I have 3 kids, 12,9 and 5. I used to be a mental health nurse for 12 years but my hubby (who is a chef) and I opened our own restaurant 5 years ago. I gave up nursing and work part time front of house and to look after the 3 kids. It was awarded best new restaurant in Scotland 3 years ago, we also have a Michelin award amongst other accolades. This is mainly due to my hubbies hard work. But you know what they say.. Behind every good man.....! I I have my dog, cat, hamster and gold fish! I cannot take on anything else in life. I'm at my limit! I feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD when I'm slim. I am a grumpy bugger when I'm fat. I prefer the happy me. X


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I am 34 and a full time mother of 2 girls 6 and 4years. I am studying for a degree in psychology part time, not sure quite what I want to do with it yet, but I have always previously worked with children. I decided to join LL as I have been carrying around extra weight since having children. I realised I cannot use the excuse I have just had a child when by baby turned 4! My husband is a great support, but is a workaholic and works away a lot so isn’t around much. We live in an old cottage in a little village in the countryside with a cat and 2 chickens.
Nice to meet you all


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I'm 36 married with on Daughter aged 7. I work in HR for local Council. It's not my dream job but I don't know what my dream job would be??? I'm very inspired by those of you who made a career change. Must think about that more. I've struggled with my weight for years came from a skinny family so always felt fat even though looking back I wasn't. Really piled on the weight after leaving school. Lost 3 stone when pregnant due to extreme nausea but put it on again. Did LL last summer and lost 2 stone which I've kept off bar a few pounds now. Started LL again nearly 2 weeks ago have really struggled getting into but will keep going as I know it works. This forum is great had many lightbulb moments recently. The comments about how we in this on our own really resonated with me I do feel so alone you can't moan about how hard it is as people say don't do it then any way I'll stop now. Away to do some more thinking. I think I need to start a diary


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I'm Emma and I'm 26.
I have 4 kids aged 7 (Owen),5 (Luke),3 (Maddison) and 1 Lottie and am married to Matt who is a business design analyst has his own company.
We have a dog, Poppy she's a beagle and is almost 1 and many fish.
I make jewellery, semi hobby semi business lol

Emma xXx

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