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Getting your head in the right place..

Well I went back after 3 wks off Lipo and put on 5lb, but pleased I went back as I'm now back on it feeling positive, I just wish I could bottle this positive feeling the one that makes me feel excited for the future and the possible new me....

I guess i'm an emotional eater and so any blip or problem and i'm heading for the fridge, opening the door and jumping into the cheese!

Looking forward to the weigh in on Saturday hoping to have lost that 5lb gain plus some more, the guy at the chemist has set me a four week target of 7lb a week wow really hope I can do it!
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Positivity is the key
Hi LouLou,
welcome back, glad to hear the positivity, it will take you far. That 5lb will be certainly gone this week, then you can concentrate on the rest. Are you happy with what the guy in the chemist set you? I see we are similar weights and I average 5lb a week, so far, just hoping you won't feel like you failed something if you don't hit 7lb each week, as it is quite high. A loss is a loss and each should be recognised and applauded, by ourselves, for ourselves and not to attain for someone else. Please don't think I don't have faith in you but I would not like to be trying for unreasonable targets, but perhaps that's only my feeling and it may suit you very well to strive to achieve higher. Saying all that, I would like to wish you all the best with the restart of your journey. Hope you have a great week.
No its fine about the challange....I needed something to aim for and yes 4/5lb a week is actually fine, just need to keep this positive frame of mind I am easily moved away from being positive, so thats my aim stay happy, positive and focused......not sure how but going to give it my best :)

Dorian you are doing so well, keep at it!


Positivity is the key
Hi Loulou,
Then good for you, I feel positive every time I see your original start weight and what you are now, that in itself is a fantastic achievement, so you know you can do it. I for one will be rooting all the way for you, as I know every one else on here will be too. Best of luck.
Stay positive and good luck we all know you can do it


Here we go again!
Glad you're feeling more positive Lou.

You know you can do this diet, so this time just remember this high that you're on at the moment, even write down what you're feeling and why you're doing this, then read it whenever you are feeling less motivated maybe.

I was an emotional eater too before this, but since being on it my hubby has been laid off from work twice (!) and we lost his gran but not once did I raid the fridge or cupboards. I think I've learnt that I don't need to do that.

Good luck and stay strong, I have every faith in you.
OopsThe main thing is you have lost over 12lb. You can do it. Take care Ju x 14 Hours Ago 07:42 AM

Ive lost 45 lb's :D woooop woooooop


A little of everything!
7lbs a week?!?! The only way I could do that would be to cut off a limb! LOL! My losses (& gains!) are all over the place? I'm still 2-odd stone lighter than I was in march though, so I can't moan about that!
Hi Lou and welcome back. You CAN do this again and you CAN stay Happy, Positive and Focused really it's that easy! Just keep telling yourself you CAN and you WILL. Good luck xxx

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